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Laser levelling | Fundamentals and adaptation for sport fields

Table of contents: Laser levelling | Fundamentals and adaptation for sport fields

The laser levelling technology has established itself as an indispensable tool in the arsenal of professionals in multiple disciplines, thanks to its ability to ensure millimetre-accurate measurements and levelling. This advanced tool, which projects beams of light to accurately define levels and angles, has become a standard in sectors ranging from construction and surveying to DIY and decoration.

The laser levelling on sports fields is a field preparation work that is carried out prior to the sowing. It consists of modifying the micro-relief of the land surface, making it more uniform and suitable. The aim is to improve crop establishment, subsequent agronomic management and the drainage of excess water.

Principles of laser levelling

A laser level is essentially a device designed to provide a efficient and accurate solution in the measurement and establishment of horizontal and vertical planes. Using technology, these devices project laser lines that can be used to check levelling and trace lines on a variety of surfaces and objects. This capability makes them invaluable in applications requiring pinpoint accuracy, from the installation of complex structures to the meticulous preparation of sports surfaces.

Variety in Applications

Their use has transcended traditional applications in construction and surveying, finding a place in DIY, carpentry, and beyond as in our case, a correct levelling of cultivation surfaces. In the professional field, laser levels facilitate everything from small excavations and formwork levelling to the preparation of slopes and the precise alignment of structural elements, serving as an indispensable guide in carrying out critical tasks.

Key components and functionality of laser levellers

There are many varieties of laser levellers on the market, but we can highlight very common systems among them:

  • Laser emitter: emits a laser beam that generates a reference plane parallel or perpendicular to the ground to be levelled. This is the most important part of the system as the quality of the work depends on the precision and stability of the laser plane.
  • Laser receiver: detects the laser plane and indicates the relative height or level of the ground with respect to the plane generated by the laser emitter; it is installed on the refiner.
Laser Leveller

In laser levellers for sports surfaces we can find a refiner with its control panel:

  • Refinery: machine towed (usually by a tractor) that is used for levelling.
  • Manual / automatic control panel: ┬áThis is an add-on that connects to the laser receiver and reproduces the levels indicated by the receiver. It includes an interface system capable of controlling solenoid valves that move the refiner to keep it level at all times. It is installed in the tractor cab to facilitate the tractor driver's work.
Receivers and refiner

Effective operation of laser levels

The intuitive and advanced functionality of the laser levels transforms the perception of their complexity into accessibility. These devices, essential for precise measurements y levelling projectionsThe new products are suitable for a variety of environments and requirements, from construction to interior design.

Stabilisation and self-levelling of laser levels

The basis for an effective operation begins with the stabilisation of the laser level, using tripods or flat platforms. The self-levellingThe laser projection system, a standard feature on contemporary models, automatically corrects for slight tilts, ensuring accurate and reliable laser projection.

Projection modes and warning systems

The choice between laser projection modes is simplified by user interfaces designed for ease of selection. These modes facilitate from structural alignment to the angle measurementThe range of applications is broadened. The integrated warning systems provide an additional layer of precision, warning of any displacement of the device.

Laser levelling of sports surfaces

Especially on sports surfaces, laser levelling plays a crucial role. Precision in the preparation of football pitches, golf courses, and athletics tracks not only impacts aesthetics and playability but also directly influences the safety and performance of athletes. The ability of laser levels to accurately define the topography of these surfaces ensures optimal conditions for sport and competition.

This levelling technique began to be used at the end of the last century.

Depending on the requirements of each terrain, it can be done without any slope as in the case of rice or with a slope in one or two perpendicular directions in the case of rice. sports surfaces.

The accuracy of laser levelling equipment depends on the type of earthmoving machinery used and the on the type of earthmoving machinery used and on the quality of the interface and hydraulic quality of the interface and hydraulic systems purchased.

The advantages are:

  • Increases soil conservation by reducing erosion runoff.
  • Improves the surface drainage and soil infiltration.
  • Improves the irrigation uniformity thus reducing water consumption.
  • Boosts input application efficiency and crop response.
  • Facilitates field operations.
  • Increases yield and crop uniformity.
  • Improves control of weeds, pests and diseases.
  • High precision of cuts and fills.

Short video example:

Video courtesy of Jimena Blanco

Accurate marking and maintenance of this surveying tool

The visibility of the laser allows a efficient and accurate markingThe new system, which is essential for the subsequent execution of precise work. The regular calibration and the proper maintenance are crucial to preserve the accuracy of the laser level over time.

Assessment of infiltration in Tiloom audits

Permeability analysis in our turf audits

At Tiloomwe specialise in advanced technological solutions for the management of sports turfsIn addition, we incorporate detailed evaluations of the soil permeability through the use of double ring infiltrometers in our audits. This methodology allows us to accurately quantify the infiltration rate, a key parameter for the efficient agronomic management of sports surfaces.

Influence of topography and soil texture

Topography and soil texture are determining factors in the hydrological dynamics of the terrain. A suboptimal levelling can lead to heterogeneities in moisture distribution, negatively affecting the homogeneity of the green cover. It is imperative to ensure a uniform topography to facilitate an equitable distribution of irrigation water and promote adequate drainage.

Impact of levelling on percolation

  • Inefficient percolation: Direct consequence of uneven soil stratification, which can lead to areas of waterlogging or drought.
  • Water stagnation: Areas with water accumulation cause anaerobic conditions which inhibit root growth and favour the emergence of pathogens.
  • Soil compaction: Poor levelling increases the risk of compaction, reducing porosity and thus infiltration capacity.

Management and correction strategies

Tiloom audits emphasise the importance of correct levelling of the floor for the water infiltration efficiency. Through the use of infiltrometers and laser levelling technologies, it is possible to optimise turf health and maintenance, ensuring high quality and safe sports fields for users.

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