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Kit Agro: Advanced Solutions in Agronomic Instrumentation

Kit Agro: Advanced Solutions in Agronomic Instrumentation


Discover Excellence in Agronomic Instrumentation

Developed by experts with over a decade of experience, the Agro Kit is the ultimate tool for agronomists seeking precision, efficiency and customisation in their farming practices.

Characteristics and Technical Capabilities

High Quality Material:

  • Robust Polypropylene body, resistant to adverse conditions in the field.
  • ABS closure with neoprene sealing ring, ensuring the integrity of the instruments in wet environments.
  • Stainless steel pins guarantee a long service life under heavy use.

Advanced Instrumentation:

  • Infiltrometer: Allows accurate measurement of the rate of water infiltration into the soil, essential for efficient irrigation management and erosion prevention.
  • TDR sensorProvides accurate measurements of humidity, salinity, and soil temperaturefacilitating informed crop management decisions.
  • Digital PenetrometerSoil penetration resistance: Measures the resistance of the soil to penetration, a key indicator of soil compaction and root health.
  • Ionometers: For analysis detailed nutrient availability in the soil, crucial for accurate fertilisation and soil health.
  • Dilution KitAllows analysis of nutrient and chemical concentrations in soil solutions, essential for nutrient management.
  • Chlorophyll Meter: Assesses the health and photosynthetic efficiency of plants, indicative of the nutritional and stress status of plants.
  • GIS applicationIntegration of data into a geographic information system for detailed spatial analysis and visualisation.

Customisation and Flexibility

  • Start with the Agro Basic Kit, expanding it with specific tools according to your needs.
  • Choose the Agro Pro Kit for a comprehensive and advanced solution.

Certifications and Trust

  • FIFA certification, symbolising quality and reliability.
  • Manufacturer's warranty focused on durability and performance.

Applications and Benefits

  • Efficient Water ManagementUse the Infiltrometer and TDR to optimise irrigation regimes, reducing water wastage and improving nutrient uptake.
  • Soil and Plant HealthMonitor soil compaction and plant health to prevent disease and improve yields.
  • Precise FertilisationAdjust your fertilisation strategies based on concrete data on nutrient availability and plant needs.
  • Geospatial AnalysisUse the GIS application to map and analyse agronomic data at plot level, facilitating location-based decision making.

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Agro Tiloom kit from the front Agro Pro Kit precision tools for advanced agriculture Kit Agro Tiloom agricultural solutions


Why Choose Kit Agro?

Unmatched Accuracy:

  • Equipped with state-of-the-art technology for precise measurements, fundamental in the precision agriculture.

Customisation and Flexibility:

  • Configurable kits to suit the specific needs of each farming operation, guaranteeing an investment that grows and adapts with your business.

Durability and Reliability:

  • High quality materials and construction, guaranteeing a long service life and resistance to the most demanding field conditions.

Data-Driven Decision Support:

  • Tools that facilitate informed decision-making, improving resource management and maximising crop yields.

Integration with Cutting-Edge Technologies:

  • Compatibility with geographic information systems and other digital platforms for advanced agricultural analysis and planning.

FIFA Certification and Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • FIFA certification is not just a seal of quality; it is a guarantee that you are investing in a proven and reliable tool. In addition, our warranty covers the normal use of the equipment, securing your investment for the long term.

Technical Support and Advice:

  • We offer comprehensive technical support and personalised advice to ensure you maximise the use of every tool included in the Agro Kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does TDR improve water management?

The TDR sensor provides detailed soil moisture measurements, allowing irrigation to be tailored to the specific needs of each area, reducing wastage and improving water absorption.

Can the Agro Kit be adapted to different types of crops?

Yes, its versatility makes it ideal for a wide variety of crops, from horticultural crops to large plantations, adapting to the specific characteristics of each type of soil.

How do I customise my Agro Kit?

Contact us for a detailed consultation and we will advise you on the best tooling configuration for your specific needs.

How is the TDR sensor calibrated for different soil types?

Calibration of the TDR sensor for different soil types involves adjusting the dielectric constant according to the texture and electrical conductivity of the soil. We provide a detailed protocol for calibration, including reference measurements in soils of known volumetric moisture.

What is the resolution of the Agro Kit ionometers and how does this affect the accuracy of nutrient measurement?

The Agro Kit ionometers have a measurement resolution in the micromole range, which allows to detect minute variations in the concentration of ions such as nitrates, potassium and phosphates. This high resolution is crucial for fine-tuning fertilisation to avoid both nutrient deficiency and excess.

Over what range of soil pressures is the digital penetrometer effective and how does this correlate with soil compaction?

The digital penetrometer is effective over a range of pressures from 0.1 to 15 MPa, allowing it to detect variations from loose to highly compacted soils. The correlation between measured pressure and soil compaction is established through specific calibration curves for each soil type.

How do you integrate Kit Agro data with geographic information systems for precision agriculture?

Data collected by the Agro Kit can be exported in GIS-compatible formats, such as shapefiles or GeoJSON. This allows integration with digital maps and spatial analysis, facilitating the zoning of plots for differentiated management and input optimisation.

What is the expected durability of electronic tools in field conditions?

The electronic tools in the Agro Kit are designed to withstand adverse field conditions, including exposure to high temperatures, humidity and dust. Expected durability under normal use is several years, although this may vary depending on frequency of use and care of the instruments.

How is the calibration and maintenance of the hand-held sap press included in the kit handled?

The hand-held sap press requires periodic calibration to ensure accurate readings of applied pressure. The manual provides a calibration and maintenance guide, along with detailed instructions for performing these procedures, ensuring the accuracy and longevity of the instrument.

Does the Agro Kit include software or firmware updates for the digital instruments?

Yes, we provide regular software and firmware updates for Agro Kit digital instruments. These updates include functionality enhancements, bug fixes and new features, ensuring that the kit remains at the forefront of agronomic technology.


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