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Javier MĂ©ndez Lorente

Microdochium bolleyi. Effects on turf.

The fungus Microdochium bolleyi has been the subject of several research studies. Initially thought to be a non-pathogenic endophytic agent and a weak parasite, recent studies have shown it to be a

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Sports turf moisturisers

On golf courses, especially on sand-based growing media such as USGA greens,


The growing interest in soil microbiology is due to the contribution of micro-organisms to productivity and

Detection of grass diseases XI - Southern blight

The disease known as Southern Blight affects C4 grasses such as Bermudagrass and Bermudagrass and Bermudagrass and Bermudagrass and Bermudagrass and Bermudagrass and Bermudagrass and Bermudagrass and Bermudagrass and Bermudagrass.

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