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Audit of sports grounds

The sports field audit is an agronomic and physical assessment of the condition of a grass sports field.


Professional audit of sports fields

In the audit of sports grounds Tiloom will assess by qualified technical reports the quality of land natural grass playing field. In compliance with the UNE 41959 - 1 standard. As well as visas with civil liability insurance and expert reports and measurements to support your decision making.

The audit is carried out strictly following the parameters set by the Spanish standard UNE 147302-2021 y the current FIFA protocol version 1.0 from May 2022. In addition, we incorporate advanced planimetry tests to thoroughly assess the quality of the installation. This exhaustive analysis is condensed in a private and detailed reportendorsed by the prestigious Tiloom labelunder the heading '.360¬ļ Evaluation'. The information gathered during these visits is used in advanced analytics for identify trends and patterns evolutionary in the turf management and maintenance.

Our field audit service

We offer a full range of services for sports fields. In our department of analysis of sports surfaceswe carry out the audit service in the following fields:

  • Football.

  • Golf.

  • Rugby.

  • Cricket.

All processes are carried out using the latest technology on the market. In this way, accurate and reliable results are achieved.

Once the service has been carried out on site, Tiloom continues to work on the elaboration of a full final report. In which a complementary vision will be provided based on quantitative information, which may be useful for the installation maintenance manager.

We adapt our services and offerings according to the needs and particularities of each of our clients.

Offer on FIFA Certified Audits with AcoustoScan Ltd.

Raise the quality of your sports pitch with our expert audits. We now offer FIFA certified audits in partnership with AcoustoScan Ltd. Find out how we can transform your pitch and take your game to the next level - explore our solutions now!


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What does our audit of sports grounds consist of?

The audit of SPORTS FIELDS we do at Tiloom is an exhaustive and thorough process that technologically advanced which focuses on assessing and optimising the quality and condition of sports surfaces. Here is an overview of what is involved:

Turf Quality Assessment

We use NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) to measure objectively the GRASS HEALTH. This technology assesses the amount of chlorophyll and the overall health of the plant surface, providing an accurate analysis of the condition and needs of the turf.

Water Infiltration Analysis

We conduct infiltration tests to determine the rate at which water drains through the turf. This is crucial to understanding how the pitch handles moisture and rainfall, directly affecting the playability and sustainability of the terrain.

Soil Moisture and Salinity Measurement

We monitor and analyse soil moisture and salinity levels. These parameters are essential to maintain a balance that promotes plant health and preserves the playability of the soil.

Soil Compaction Diagnosis

We use digital penetrometers to measure the soil compaction. These measurements allow us to better understand how to manage turf to maintain its quality and durability.

Ground Firmness and Bearing Evaluation

We measure ground firmness and ball roll to ensure a consistent and predictable playing surface, which is critical to the playing experience.

Detailed Reports and Recommendations

All data collected is presented in detailed reports that include personalised recommendations to improve and maintain the quality of the sports field.

If you want to learn more about the audit process you can consult us at any time.

Consult our sports grounds audit services

Tiloom has a extensive experience in private audits for the internal control and monitoring of clubs. In addition to training for auditors.

These comprehensive audits ensure that sports fields not only meet the required standards, but also provide an optimal and safe playing experience for athletes.

Measurement and audit services have different modalities such as:

Service reference for orders: ST - 015.


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