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Discover the best Agricultural products and tools

Discover our best-selling products to optimise agricultural land. We offer the state-of-the-art technical solutions to improve the productivity and quality of your harvest. From precision tools to innovative farming equipment, find everything you need to boost your crops.

Also, explore our selection of products of biofertilisation and phytosanitary products from latest generation to maximise the productivity of your crop. With innovative formulations and specific application techniques, we optimise soil health and protect your plants against pests and diseases.

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Our flagship products for agriculture

Below we will show you our best-selling products for farmers and agronomists! We present the leading technical tools on the market to optimise land and maximise production.

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The best agricultural tools and products

Get ready to explore our full agricultural tools catalogue! Below, you will find a wide range of tools and state-of-the-art equipment. From specialised seeds to telemetry technology, we have everything you need to optimise your crops.

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Can't find what you need? Feel free to use our intelligent search engine for agricultural products. With it, you can search for any specific product in our catalogue of agricultural products. Find everything you are looking for to optimise your land and maximise your harvest.

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Agricultural kit to keep your land optimised

Our company offers instrumentation kits high quality and comprehensive products designed specifically for carry out all kinds of measurements on agricultural land. These kits are carefully designed to provide comfort and durability, using top-quality materials that guarantee its strength and reliability over time.

Each kit includes a variety of specialised instruments that enable accurate and reliable measurements. From soil moisture meters to temperature sensors, compaction measuring devices to water quality analysis equipment, our kits are designed to provide the most accurate and reliable measurements. equipped with all necessary tools for evaluate and monitor different aspects of sports fields.

In addition to having high quality instrumentsour kits are also designed with the user comfort. The equipment is ergonomic and easy to use, making them easy to handle during measurements in the field. Sturdy and robust construction materials ensure that the instruments can be operated easily in the field. withstand demanding conditions of the agricultural environment.

By purchasing our agricultural instrumentation kitsyou get a comprehensive and reliable solution for all your sports field measurement needs. Whether you need to assess soil quality, monitor moisture or measure compaction, our kits provide you with the right tools to to make accurate measurements and obtain reliable results. Rely on the quality and comfort of our instrumentation kits and raise the standard of your measurements in agricultural fields.

Specialised Services in Agricultural Soil Analysis

At Tiloom, we provide advanced diagnostic and soil characterisation services for agriculture, ensuring high standards of quality and accuracy in every assessment. Our technical approach covers key areas:

Instrumentation and Advanced Techniques

  • Thorough and Rigorous EvaluationsWe carry out comprehensive analyses of agricultural land, applying methodologies and techniques aligned with UNE regulations and international standards in agronomy.
  • State-of-the-art technologyWe use specialised equipment, such as soil electrical conductivity sensors, moisture probes and density meters, to assess critical parameters such as soil texture, structure, salinity and water holding capacity, providing highly accurate and reliable measurements.

A technologically groundbreaking audit

  • In-depth Agronomic AnalysisOur approach focuses on aspects such as soil hydrology, water balance, bulk density, porosity, nutrient profiles and organic matter quality, providing a complete picture of soil fertility and productive capacity.
  • Detailed and Comparative ResultsAll our analyses are digitised and geo-referenced, facilitating temporal comparisons and trend analysis to continuously improve agronomic practices.

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The Digital Field Notebook for farmland

The Definitive Digital Farmland Notebook

Tiloom offers its customers a digital field notebook for agriculture and livestock farming. The application is designed to help farmers and livestock farmers manage their crops and farms in a simple and efficient way.

Tiloom's digital field notebook features a number of key functions, including:

  • Data recording: the application allows users to record all the data on their farm, such as the work carried out, the plant protection products used and weather incidents.
  • Weather information: the application provides up-to-date weather information for each farm.
  • Pest and disease alert: the application allows users to exchange alerts on pests and diseases near their farm.
  • Web platform: the application has a web platform that allows users to visualise all the information entered from the app.


Technical features of the Digital Notebook

Tiloom's digital field notebook is developed in the cloud, allowing users to access information from anywhere and at any time. The application is also compatible with mobile and tablet devices, making it easy to use in the field.

The application is designed to meet the requirements of the current field notebook regulations. The data recorded in the application is securely stored and can be exported in PDF or CSV format.


Benefits of the Digital Notebook for Agriculture

The Tiloom digital field notebook offers a number of benefits for farmers and ranchers, including:

  • Increased efficiency: the application helps farmers to save time and effort in managing their crops and farms.
  • Better decision making: the application provides valuable information that can help farmers and livestock keepers make better decisions on the management of their crops and farms.
  • Improved compliance with regulations: the application helps farmers and stockbreeders to comply with the requirements of the current field book regulations.


Don't wait any longer, learn more about this Digital Field Notebook

Tiloom's digital field notebook is an essential tool for any farmer or livestock farmer who wants to improve the efficiency of their management. The application offers a number of features and benefits that can help farmers and ranchers save time, make better decisions and comply with current regulations.

Fertilisers for Agriculture

In this wide range of products, we present you with a variety of specialised solutions for agriculture and agricultural fields.

From fertilisers and soil amendments to efficient irrigation systems and tillage tools, our selection covers everything you need to optimise the performance and care of your crops.

Whether you're looking to improve soil quality, increase crop production or implement sustainable farming practices, our products are designed to deliver long-lasting, efficient results. With a focus on quality and efficacy, we have carefully chosen each product to ensure they meet the highest standards in the agricultural industry.

Explore our wide range of products and discover the ideal solutions to maximise the potential of your agricultural fields for successful farming.

The best services for analysis and measurement of agricultural fields

In our company, we offer professional agricultural field measurement services that guarantee precision and quality in every project.

We have a team of specialists trained in measuring techniques and use high-precision equipment to obtain accurate data on the dimensions and characteristics of your agricultural fields. We carry out detailed measurements of farmland, agricultural plots and any other area related to agriculture.

In addition, we use advanced technology, such as global positioning systems (GPS) and laser scanners, to capture three-dimensional data and generate accurate digital models of agricultural fields. These measurement services are essential for accurate design and planning, as well as for optimising resources and maximising efficiency in agriculture.

Rely on our expertise and our agricultural field measurement services to deliver reliable results and meet all your agricultural needs. Our commitment is to help you make informed decisions and improve the productivity of your crops.

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At Tiloom, we offer a wide range of utilities for agriculture y agricultural land. You will discover specialised tools, quality products, analytical services, precise measurements, quality notebooks, and more. digital field and instrumentation kits.

These solutions are specifically designed to improve care, performance and control of your agricultural land, providing you with everything you need to optimise and manage efficiently your agricultural fields.

With our tools and services, you will be able to boost the growth of your crops and maximising productivity on your farms.

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