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TRY NUTRY PHYKOS Algae Fertiliser - 20 L

TRY NUTRY PHYKOS Algae Fertiliser - 20 L

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20 litre carafe
Seaweed extract 'Ascophyllum nodosum' 27,00% w/v
Fertiliser, the use of which is recommended to promote cell division, induce sprouting, encourage fruit set and stimulate development.


TRY NUTRY PHYKOS is a biostimulant algae fertiliser obtained by cold extraction of pure algae of the "Ascophyllum Nodosum" type at 27% w/v.

The action of TRY Nutry PHYKOS algae fertiliser results in a fertiliser that stimulates, activates and develops plants, providing higher quality and productivity.

Liquid fertiliser, easily applicable both by foliar application and fertigation, on any type of crop.

The algae in the TRY Nutry PHYKOS fertiliser contain nutrients (mainly phosphorus, magnesium and iron), enzymes, hydrolysed protein complexes and plant growth stimulants.

  • Foliar application improves cell division
  • Soil application increases retention capacity.
  • Hormonal balance of the plant
  • Apply micronutrients, enzymes and amino acids.

When TRY Nutry PHYKOS is applied via the roots, it also provides the soil with a strong water retention capacity, making it a product that is highly suitable for water stress.

TRY Nutry PHYKOS is an algae fertiliser, whose use is recommended to promote cell division, induce sprouting, encourage fruit set and stimulate fruit development.

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1'2 g/c.c.




2,00 - 13,00

Ascophyllum nodosum' Algae Extract

27,00% w/v


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