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Who we are

A Journey of Innovation and Excellence

We are Tiloom, a universe where passion, science and innovation combine to bring revolutionary technological solutions to a variety of growing and sports surfaces.

Over the years, we have used technology as a catalyst to take a step forward in the management of sports fields such as football, golf, rugby and more. But we don't stop at playing fields; our reach also extends to growing surfaces, always with the goal of maximising their performance and durability.

Our commitment to Innovation

At Tiloom, we strive to be leaders in the field of innovation, as we firmly believe that technology can make a huge difference to the efficiency and sustainability of growing and sporting surfaces. With a mindset geared towards continuous improvement, we seek technological solutions that can overcome the challenges faced by our customers and users.

Our Team

The Power Behind Tiloom: Ra├║l Bragado, Ignacio del Rey, Antonio Riquelme and Javi M├ęndez

At the heart of Tiloom is an exceptionally talented and passionate team. Two of our brightest professionals are Raul and Ignacio, whose vast experience and dedication have been fundamental to our growth and success.

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Ra├║l Bragado

The agronomic and civil soul of our company

As an Agronomist and Civil Engineer, Raul has proven his competence and dedication in the field of agronomic and sports technology solutions.

His career is truly impressive: from his position as Agronomist at AcoustoScan, his participation in the ISO CTN 147 Committee for Sports, Equipment and Sports Facilities to his beginnings as Head Greenkeeper at the prestigious La Manga Club and Greenskeeper at The Belfry Hotel & Resort.

He has also made important contributions to research and development such as his implementation of a mathematical model to simulate evapotranspiration and cation exchange phenomena on USGA greens demonstrating his commitment to continuous innovation.

All this leading to his current role as Technical Director at Tiloom Technological Solutions and Auditor of Sports Surfaces, acting as Agro-environmental Advisor and Fertilisation Advisor, he is an outstanding figure in our company.

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Ignacio Del Rey

Our agronomy, greenkeeping and urban services expert

The other pillar of our team is Ignacio, an agronomist with vast experience in greenkeeping and urban services. His skills and knowledge have been vital to the development and improvement of our technological solutions.

Ignacio has worked in multiple facets of the sector, from Greenkeeper at the Real Club de Golf Las Rozas to Sports Surfaces Consultant for Natural and Artificial Grass. 

At Grupo SIFU, Ignacio expanded his skills to the environmental sector, where he was in charge of data collection, design, budgeting and incident management. His versatility and adaptability skills have proven to be of great value to our company and our clients.

He currently works as an engineer at Tiloom, where he performs surface audits, installs advanced technologies and is currently a technical content writer for Greenkeepedia.

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Antonio Riquelme

An expert in agriculture

Antonio Riquelme, with more than 25 years of experience, is an expert in agronomy and responsible for the agricultural area at Tiloom.

His multifaceted career includes being technical field manager at a leading winery in Murcia and leading estates specialising in vineyards, cereals and olive groves.

As a consultant on citrus, walnut and pistachio farms and golf courses, he demonstrates his versatility and knowledge of different crops.

In addition, Antonio is a pomegranate specialist, drone pilot and technical director at RM Drones, highlighting his expertise in advanced agricultural technologies.

He holds leadership roles as president of Sat Pozo PAJONARES and secretary of C.R. Monte ARAB├Ź, and has been an international consultant in several countries, working with a diversity of crops.

These experiences consolidate him as a respected professional in agronomy and oenology.

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Javi M├ęndez

Dedication and precision in agronomy

Javier M├ęndez Lorente is a young student who has excelled in the field of agricultural engineering, graduating with honours and demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of current trends in research.

His practical laboratory experience, analysing soil, water and foliar samples, provides him with outstanding skills for his career. In 2023, Javier received recognition as the best student of the Cartagena School of Agronomy, an achievement that reflects his dedication and skill in his discipline.

His interest in sports turf from an early age has become a perfect complement to his agronomic approach.

Javier is currently researching remote sensing of nutritional deficiencies in citrus, a promising area that has the potential to significantly improve crop management and agricultural production, as well as employing geographic information systems tools and statistical analysis.

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Our impact

Transforming the World of Football and Golf

At Tiloom, we are proud of the achievements we have made so far. With the leadership of Ra├║l and Ignacio, we have worked side by side with prestigious sports institutions, such as second and first division football clubs.

Our Impact on Football

At Tiloom, we are proud of the achievements we have made so far. With the leadership of Ra├║l and Ignacio, we have worked side by side with prestigious sports institutions, such as second and first division football clubs.

Our Footprint in the World of Golf

In addition to football, we have made a significant difference in the world of golf. Through our innovative and sustainable approach, we have helped improve the quality and performance of golf courses, offering services ranging from auditing surfaces to implementing advanced technological solutions.

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Our Legacy

Paving the way in audits for La Liga Espa├▒ola

At Tiloom, we are not just content with the status quo; we aspire to set new standards and break new ground. Proof of this is our pioneering role in conducting the first audits for the Spanish league. This experience has solidified our position as a leader in technological solutions for sports surfaces.

Our role in the development of Innovative Growing Solutions

In addition to our work on sports surfaces, we have also made significant contributions in the field of agriculture.

Our team has developed and applied a variety of technological solutions for cultivation surfaces, leading to improvements in the productivity and sustainability of these surfaces.

Looking to the Future with Tiloom

Although we have achieved a lot, at Tiloom we believe our journey is just beginning. We continue to make steady steps forward, introducing innovations into every growing and sporting surface we work with.

Our commitment to excellence, combined with our passion for innovation, keeps us motivated and ready to meet the challenges of the future.

Frequently asked questions

At Tiloom, we are always keen to explore new opportunities. In addition to football and golf, we also work with rugby surfaces and are open to the possibility of collaborating with other sports.

The Pro Kit is a set of technological solutions designed to optimise the performance and durability of football pitches. It includes a variety of tools and technologies for the efficient maintenance and management of pitches.

At Tiloom, we offer a wide range of technological solutions to improve the performance and sustainability of crop areas. From optimising water use to the use of sensors and monitoring technologies, we strive to provide tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of our customers in the agricultural sector.

Raul and Ignacio are two fundamental pillars of Tiloom. Their knowledge and experience in agronomy, engineering, greenkeeping and urban services have been crucial to the development of our technological solutions and to the success we have achieved.

Being a pioneer in audits for the Spanish League means that we were the first company to carry out technical inspections of the league's playing surfaces. This experience has provided us with valuable insight and knowledge, enabling us to offer high quality and accurate audit services to our clients.

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