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Specialists in the study, maintenance and technological strategies for all types of cultivation surfaces.

Sports surfaces

Enter and discover our professional solutions with the most advanced tools and techniques on the market, thanks to our studies of sports surfaces, enter our Greenkeeepedia and learn all the secrets to get the most out of our products.



Discover innovative technological solutions to boost your agricultural surfaces. Also, thanks to our Agrikipedia, explore innovative agricultural projects and learn more about the products Tiloom offers to effectively improve your farming and take your land to the next level.


Access to technical solutions for sports and agricultural fields

Innovation and excellence in cultivation surfaces: Transform your field with Tiloom!

Tiloom is a leader in the provision of the best technology for the monitoring, management and improvement of your sports fields and agricultural fieldswe offer a whole range of range of instrumentation for the control of all agronomic, biomechanical and playability parameters.

Endorsed by customers as all the teams of La Liga SmartBank, Real Madrid, Villarreal, etc, we offer the best instrumentation on the market through leading manufacturers such as Stevens Water, Spectrum Technologies, Deltec Equipment, etc. together with analytics qPCR, from microbiome or physical chemistry with analysis through our partner laboratories such as Microgaia Biotech, Eurofins or Biomemakers.

We guarantee excellence and innovation in each project Optimise your sports field with us!

We bring technology to every field of cultivation

We are at the forefront of surface optimisation and technological proposals for all types of cultivation surfaces. With extensive experience in the maintenance of sports surfaces, agriculture, orchards and gardens, we are proud to have collaborated with major brands and organisations recognised both nationally and internationally.

We collaborate with major brands

We collaborate with nationally and internationally recognised brands in various disciplines, demonstrating our experience and quality in both territories.

Over the years, we have been able to forge closer ties with such well-known brands as the Club de Golf Puerta de Hierro, Club de Golf Sotogramde, Villarreal CF, Real Madrid, La Serena Golf, La Liga Española de Fútbol, Federación Venezolana de Fútbol, Federación Mexicana de Fútbol, Federación Española de Rugby, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and many more..

Thanks to our partnerships we have been able to demonstrate our ability to offer quality technological solutions and adapted to the needs specific of each project.

Our focus on innovation and research

We remain at the forefront of innovation and research to provide efficient and sustainable technological solutions.

We believe in the importance of staying at the forefront of innovation and research in our field. We work closely with universities, research centres and experts in the field of technology applied to agriculture and sports surface care.

This allows us to stay abreast of the latest trends, technological advances and best practices, ensuring that our solutions are always efficient, sustainable and based on the best available scientific evidence.

Tiloom Pro: The Professional Diagnostic Case

Do you need to control all the variables of your sports arena?

It tracks the most important variables, and monitors the health of the field at all times.

Kit Tiloom Pro Maletin de diagnosis Profesional (7)

The diagnostic case for clubs

Our experience has led us to develop an all-in-one kit to assess and diagnose fields of all types. This kit includes specialised tools for a comprehensive diagnosis and accurate monitoring of key variables.

Kit Tiloom Pro Maletin de diagnosis Profesional (2)

All the tools you need

It includes a double ring infiltration meter to measure the infiltration rate of water into the soil, a rotational resistance meter to assess soil firmness, a clegg hammer to measure surface resistance and a POGO moisture sensor that will provide real-time information to adjust irrigation and avoid surface problems.

Kit Tiloom Pro Maletin de diagnosis Profesional (4)

Key tools to improve the terrain

With our specialised toolkit you can maximise the potential of your field. With all the tools we offer, you'll get accurate diagnostics and make informed decisions to boost productivity - unleash the power of your fields with our high-performance kit!

Kit Tiloom Pro Maletin de diagnosis Profesional (1)

Convenience and practicality for your tools

In addition, the case is designed with convenience and practicality in mind. It has a portable design that makes it easy to carry and store all the tools included.

Don't miss the opportunity to get the Tiloom Pro Diagnostic Case. Contact us for a customised solution to maintain the optimal health of your field.

Experience and know-how

We have a team of experts trained in disciplines related to cultivation surfaces

At Tiloom, we have a team of professionals in various disciplines related to the study, maintenance and technological solutions for cultivation surfaces, sports grounds and agricultural land. Our collaborators have the best academic training and experience in agricultural engineering, agronomy, sports surface management and technology applied to agriculture.

Your source for all your information needs

We have been pioneering research and development through our Greenkeepedia for years.

You have at your disposal our Blog to inform you of everything you need about our products and surface studies.

In our Grenkeepedia, you can access a unique technical information base for all greenkeepers, all about the maintenance and optimisation of all types of fields, which has been in development for years and is up to date today.

Have a look around and feel free to comment if you have any questions!


Te mostramos una visión más profunda de nuestros productos

¡Descubre todas las posibilidades que ofrece cada uno de nuestros equipos en Youtube con Tiloom!

¿Quieres aprender a mantener tu césped en perfecto estado? ¡Suscríbete al canal de YouTube de Tiloom!

En nuestros vídeos, te enseñamos cómo utilizar nuestros nuestros sensores, herramientas y servicios para medir la calidad de tu césped natural, así como a saber detectar enfermedades y plagas de tu césped y campo de cultivo. ¡Aprende a mantener tu terreno deportivo en óptimas condiciones con Tiloom. La tecnología que cuida de tu césped.

Innovation and optimisation thanks to our Catalogue

Dive into our catalogue to discover our cutting-edge solutions.

At Tiloom we take the optimisation of sports fields and agricultural surfaces to a new level. With our cutting-edge technology, focused on the playability, biomechanics and agronomics of football and golf courses, as well as specialised treatments focused on terrain, we transform your facilities to provide an exceptional experience.

Our advanced sensors accurately monitor humidity conditions, ensuring optimal maintenance and care of your facilities.

We invite you to explore our extensive catalogue full of innovative solutions and discover how our technologies can improve the quality and performance of your sports and agricultural fields. Remember, the excellence of your grounds is just a click away.

Don't wait any longer. Take the next step in the evolution of your Greens.

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The trust of our customers

Our customers rely on our professionalism and commitment for the study and maintenance of their cultivation areas.

Our customers rely on us for the study, maintenance and technological solutions for their cultivation areas, whether they are for sports, agriculture or orchards and gardens.

Their satisfaction and the successful results achieved in collaboration with them are testimony to our professionalism and commitment to excellence.

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Commitment to quality and customer service

Our customised approach ensures tailor-made solutions and exceptional service to meet our clients' needs.

At Tiloom, we strive to deliver superior quality solutions and excellent customer service. Our personalised approach allows us to understand each customer's specific needs and challenges and provide tailor-made solutions that meet their requirements.

We are proud to have a strong base of satisfied clients who rely on our professionalism, experience and ability to deliver exceptional results.

Sports surfaces

At Sports Surfaces, we have extensive experience in collaborations with prestigious clubs and many other well-known brands. Our services range from the optimisation and improvement of sports fields to their maintenance and efficiency, ensuring optimal performance for athletes and an exceptional experience for spectators.

Find out what we can offer you

At Tiloom, our professionalism, experience and successful collaborations with major brands position us as a leading company in technological solutions for cultivation surfaces. Our highly trained team, in constant search for innovation and committed to quality and customer service, is ready to provide you with the most effective technological solutions adapted to your needs.

Trust us for the study, maintenance and optimisation of your cultivation areas and discover how we can take your projects to the next level.


In our Agriculture section, we offer innovative technological solutions to maximise crop productivity and yields. We work closely with farmers and agribusinesses, providing expert advice, efficient irrigation systems, crop monitoring and control, as well as sustainable solutions for pest and disease management.

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