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TRY Micro's COPPER Fertiliser with COPPER - 20 L

TRY Micro's COPPER Fertiliser with COPPER - 20 L

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20 litre carafe

fertiliser solution based on 5% copper (Cu++) in the form of copper salt.
With low molecular weight carboxylic acids.
Organic farming


TRY Micro's Copper is a liquid nutritional fertilizer with Copper in a highly assimilable form (Cuprous Salt) by the plant. It is recommended to correct Copper nutritional disorders.

TRY Micros COPPER is a copper gluconate complexed with low molecular weight carboxylic acids, which makes it systemic, with translocation through leaves or roots.

Compatible for use as EU, NOP, JAS/MAFF fertiliser in organic farming. Certificate issued by the auditing company KIWA BCS Ă–ko-Garantie GmbH.

Copper is involved in the processes of:

It acts as a corrector of copper deficiencies and gives the plant resistance to fungal attacks.

Copper also increases the plant's resistance to disease; the formation of lignin interposes a mechanical barrier against the entry of organisms and also the production of melanotic substances increases the plant's resistance to fungi, since some of these compounds, such as phytoalexins, inhibit the germination of spores and the growth of fungi.

Copper deficiency affects the plant's reproductive rather than vegetative processes, hence its importance for good pollen germination due to its structural role in the formation of lignin in the anthers.

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1'12 g/c.c.




2,00 - 12,00

Complexing agent

Low carboxylic acids


5% COPPER (Cu++)


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