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Calibration solution 2000 ppm Ca+ 6X14ml

Calibration solution 2000 ppm Ca+ 6X14ml

Calibration solution for Ca2+ sensors : 2000 ppm Ca2+ 6X14ml : 2000 ppm Ca2+ 6X14ml


At Tiloomwe offer the ultimate solution for the accurate calibration of your Ca2+ sensors and probes: the Calibration Solution 2000 ppm Ca2+available in a handy pack of 6 x 14ml bottles. This product is essential for professionals and enthusiasts looking to ensure maximum accuracy in their calcium measurements, a critical factor in water quality management and plant nutrition in agriculture, hydroponics, and aquaculture.

Product Ordering Number: PT-131

Main features

  • High PrecisionDesigned to provide accurate calibration, ensuring reliable Ca2+ measurements.
  • Ease of UseEach 14ml bottle is ready to use, allowing quick and easy calibration of your devices.
  • CompatibilityPerfect for a wide range of Ca2+ sensors and probes, ensuring versatility in application.

Key Benefits

  • Measurement Reliability: Ensure your devices deliver consistent and accurate results.
  • Resource OptimisationImproves nutrient management and water quality through accurate calcium measurements.
  • VersatilityIdeal for applications in agriculture, hydroponics, aquaculture, and any environment requiring accurate calcium monitoring.

Why Choose Tiloom's Calibration Solution?

Opt for the Calcium Calibration Solution 2000 ppm Ca2+ from Tiloom means choosing precision, reliability and quality. Whether for agricultural applications, scientific research or water quality monitoring, this product ensures your Ca2+ measurements are accurate and reliable. With Tiloom, you are investing in state-of-the-art calibration technology backed by a commitment to excellence and customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the Tiloom Calibration Solution used?

Simply dip your sensor probe into a bottle of calibration solution and follow the calibration instructions specific to your device.

How often should I calibrate my Ca2+ sensor?

We recommend calibrating your sensor before each important set of measurements to ensure accuracy, or as directed by the sensor manufacturer.

3. Is this solution compatible with all Ca2+ sensors?

The Tiloom Calibration Solution is compatible with most commercially available Ca2+ sensors and probes, but it is always a good idea to check the specifications of your device.

4. Can I reuse the calibration solution?

To maintain maximum accuracy, we advise using each bottle of calibration solution only once.

Contact with us

Do you have further questions or need advice on how best to use the Tiloom 2000 ppm Ca2+ Calibration Solution? Do not hesitate to contact us at. Our team of experts is here to support you in ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of your Ca2+ measurements.


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