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LAQUA Twin Ca+for calcium analysis

Now you can know the Ca2+ in water or soil with LAQUA Twin.


Discover the potential of LAQUA Twin Ca+ for calcium analysis

With the advanced LAQUA Twin Ca+ meter, getting into accurate analysis of calcium (Ca2+) in different media is no longer a complex task. Designed to meet the exacting demands of professionals in agriculture, hydroponics, aquaculture and water quality, this handheld device offers a comprehensive solution for Ca2+ measurement in liquids and solids, ensuring fast and reliable results.

Key features of the LAQUA Twin Ca+

Innovation in calcium measurement

LAQUA Twin Ca+ tip sensors make the difference in calcium analysis, allowing measurements from 40 to 4,000 ppm with unprecedented ease. Whether in the field or in the lab, its robust design and ability to measure in a variety of contexts make it an essential tool.

Durable and functional design

  • Sensor GuardGuarantees protection against impact, while facilitating sampling by immersing the device directly in water.
  • Professional Quality and WaterproofingEquipped to cope with the most adverse conditions, this meter is designed to provide accurate readings in any environment.
  • Measurement VersatilityIdeal for a wide range of applications, including nutrient solutions, saturated soil extracts, soilless media, water and sap samples.

Advanced technology for accurate results

  • Automatic CalibrationSimplifies device preparation for accurate measurements.
  • Flat Sensor for Solids: Allows direct measurement on wetted solids, offering flexibility in the type of samples.
  • Automatic Temperature CompensationEnsures that temperature changes do not affect the accuracy of measurements.

Benefits of using LAQUA Twin Ca+

The LAQUA Twin Ca+ is a revolutionary solution for calcium monitoring, offering:

  • Crop maintenance efficiencyHelps to optimise nutrient delivery.
  • Water qualityEssential for water quality studies and aquatic resource management.
  • Innovation in ResearchFacilitates the collection of accurate data for research and development projects.

Equipped with everything you need to get started right away, including batteries, carrying case and calibration solutions, the LAQUA Twin Ca+ is the preferred choice for professionals looking for reliability and accuracy in calcium measurement.

Invest in the LAQUA Twin Ca+ meter and transform the way you measure calcium in various media. With advanced technology and ease of use, this device is set to become an essential part of your professional toolkit.

Product reference for orders: PT-129.

Additional information

 Ca-11 Calcium Ionometer - Measuring range

4 to 9900 ppm (mg/L) 0.1 to 250 mmol/L

Ca-11 Calcium Ionometer - Resolution

0 to 99 ppm : 1 ppm 100 to 990 ppm : 10 ppm 1000 to 9900 ppm : 100 ppm

Ca-11 Calcium Ionometer - Accuracy

┬▒20 % of reading value

Ca-11 Calcium Temperature Ionometer

Range 0 to 50┬║C Compensation from 5 to 40┬║C


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