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Standardised rotational resistance tester

The standardised version of the portable tensile tester is used to test the stability of root systems.


The Standardised Rotational Resistance Tester is used to test the stability of the root systems of the turf of a sports field. Thanks to the Turf-Tec shear strength tester you can test:

  • The types and depth of plugs that will work best for your environment and turf root system.

These tests will ensure that the choice of rotational resistance is optimal for the field on that day, regardless of field moisture, soil type or weather conditions.

So you can report rotational resistance values to your team or customers. So they can monitor the risk of injury to players.


  • Transport box included.
  • It weighs 46 kg.
  • 0 to 70 N-m dynamometer.

Example of use of the portable Tensile Tester:

You may be interested in the portable version. Which is used to test the stability of sports field turf root systems.

Product reference for orders: PT-033


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