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Tensile Test

Ra├║l Bragado Alcaraz
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Table of contents: Tensile Test

https://www.tiloom.com/producto/aparato-portatil-de-ensayo-de-traccion/Los processes of acceleration, stopping and changes of direction that the athlete performs result in a transmission of forces to the lower limbs. In particular, the rotational forces are the most important. The unit of measurement of the traction that a playing field presents is the Newton-metre (Nm). No official safety standard values have been determined for athletes, although it has been shown that lower values are recommended over higher ones. However, it should be borne in mind that there is a greater possibility of injury due to increased slippage of the surface.

Ferguson, head groundsman for Wembley recommends a range of 55-60 Nm for your football pitch.
Rotational strength test
Rotational strength test

The tensile test is detailed below.

  1. Purpose and field of applicationDetermination of the rotational resistance of sports surfaces.
  2. Principle of the methodMeasurement of the force required to initiate the rotational movement of a test sole in contact with the sports surface to be tested.
  3. Description of equipmentTest stand; shaft with lifting handles; two-hand torque spanner with scale from 0 Nm to 80 Nm; release mechanism; weights; tripod.
  4. Operative procedureAdjust the indicator needle of the torque spanner to zero. Without placing excessive vertical pressure on the spanner and while applying minimal rotational torque to the spanner, rotate the wrench and the test fixture uniformly at a nominal rotational speed of 12 rpm until movement of the test fixture occurs and the test fixture has rotated at least 45┬░. The maximum value shown on the spanner is noted to the nearest Nm.
  5. Calculation and expression of resultsThe mean value of the rotational resistance is calculated. The result is expressed to the nearest Nm.
  6. Report from testEN 15301-1:2007; identification of surface, location, area and previous history; test sole used; mean value of rotational resistance and results of individual tests.  

At Tiloom we can provide you with the necessary equipment to measure these parameters, and our technical team can even measure these parameters for you.

Standardised rotational resistance tester

Portable Tensile Tester

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