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TRY Calcium AActive Calcium Fertilizer - 20 L

TRY Calcium AActive Calcium Fertilizer - 20 L

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20 litre carafe

Calcium oxide (CaO) water soluble - 13,5 % w/w
Complexing agent:Low molecular weight carboxylic acids

Complexed calcium solution


TRY Calcium AActive is a 13.5 % w/w Calcium fertiliser complexed with low molecular weight carboxylic acids.

TRY Calcium AActive calcium fertilizer provides water soluble Calcium Oxide (CaO) at 13.5 % w/w. Its high concentration with its AActive "coloride" ensures the action, mobilisation and direct assimilation of calcium.

The calcium fertilizer Try Calcio is recommended for application (root or foliar) on any type of crop in order to improve the
fleshiness and robustness of the fruit.

When applied on sandy soils or on soils with salinity problems, the mobilising action of calcium together with that of the low molecular weight carboxylic acids will favour aeration and permeability.

Calcium is key to the cementation of the cell walls, giving the leaves strength and rigidity.

TRY CALCIO AActive is also recommended to promote the formation and fattening of the fruit, as Calcium promotes the cell division of the fruit, and to reduce cracking, tip burn, blossom end rot and bitter pit of the treated fruit.

  • Calcium fertiliser Compatible with most of the phytosanitary products on the market.
  • May precipitate with other micro-elements, mainly reacts with iron and silicon.


  • Apply when the first deficiencies are observed on leaves or fruits and, usually, in Calcium deficient soils.
  • Apply at the fruit formation and ripening stage on fruit, citrus and vegetable trees to promote growth and improve fleshiness.
  • Apply to encourage rooting.
  • Apply on saline soils as it favours the plant's response to salt stress.

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1'40 g/c.c.



Calcium oxide (CaO)

13,5 % w/w

Complexing agent

Low carboxylic acids


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