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Try micros silice - silicon fertiliser 20 L

Try micros silice - silicon fertiliser 20 L

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20 litre carafe

Water soluble silicon (SiO2). - 7,0 % w/w
Potassium (K2O) water soluble. - 10,0 % w/w
Low molecular weight carboxylic acids


TRY micros Silica is a liquid nutritional fertiliser with Silicon and Potassium in a form that is highly assimilable by the plant. It is recommended to correct nutritional disorders of silicon and to provide resistance to the plant.

TRY Micros SILICE silicon is deposited in the cell walls of tissues, giving them the properties of resistance and elasticity.

TRY Micros SILICE helps the development of the plant's root system and can increase root mass by 50 to 200%, thus also stimulating tillering (more stems per seed). It increases drought resistance in plants. Silicon fertilisation can optimise irrigation water use by 30 to 40% and extend irrigation intervals without negative effects on plants.

Silicon increases the plant's resistance to salinity. By increasing the water retention of the cells, the permeability of the sodium-absorbing membranes is reduced, thus increasing tolerance to salinity. It has also been observed that a decrease in the presence of sodium increases the presence of potassium in the cell tissue.

Apply with non-chlorinated water and do not mix with other treatments or pesticides.

Tissues fertilised foliarly with silicon are protected against attack by diseases, fungi and insects. The accumulation of silicon in the epidermal tissues in polymeric, organic and crystalline form protects and strengthens the plant's tissues mechanically and biochemically. The quantity of trichomes is stimulated by 20 to 80%.

Additional information

Potassium (K2O) soluble in water.

7,0 % w/w

Water-soluble silicon (SiO2).

10,0 % w/w




5,00 - 13,00


1.16 g / q.c.


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