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TRY OSMOTIC Osmosis regulator fertiliser - 20 L

TRY OSMOTIC Osmosis regulator fertiliser - 20 L

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20 litre carafe

Amino Acids (mainly Glycine) - 22,0 % w/w
Inositol - 2,0 % w/w


TRY OSMOTIC is a fertilizer with OSMOLITES PROTECTORS, indicated against abiotic stress and osmotic regulator.

TRY OSMOTIC is a special liquid fertiliser, which due to its composition in protective osmolytes (sugars/polyols and quaternary amines) and its low molecular weight peptides, is especially indicated to osmotically regulate the plant against abiotic stress (drought, flooding, salinity, cold, heat, etc.). These types of stress increase the osmotic potential of the plant, limiting the entry of water and nutrients by passive diffusion. The alternative route is to take up nutrients through energy expenditure, which weakens the plant and reduces its yields.

TRY OSMOTIC stimulates the growth and size of the fruit.

In the formulation of TRY OSMOTIC, "compatible solutes" are introduced that have osmotic regulator functions such as Glycine and Inositol, with the help of low molecular weight peptides that favour their absorption and assimilation.

  • OSMOTIC TRY, contains a high percentage (22%) of amino acids, mainly Glycine, a cytosolute involved in the very effective osmotic adjustment due to the fact that it is highly soluble in water and has no charge.
  • Inositol is rapidly converted to pinitol which is a polyol that increases its concentration in plants under stress conditions, mainly of the saline type.


Advised in:

  • Areas where there are problems of drought, excess of salts in the soil, or where irrigation is carried out with water with high electrical conductivity.
  • To increase the size of the fruit, treat every 15-20 days, during ripening-growing. It also improves its quality, presentation and fleshiness for sale.
  • To prevent cracking in sensitive crops such as cherries, tomatoes, and in crops where the fruit ripens in times of high rainfall frequency.
  • Its use is recommended together with TRY ABIOTIC, due to its synergistic and complementary effects, thus grouping together the greatest number of protective osmolytes (Polyamines, Proline, Potassium, Betaine Glycine, Polyols, etc.).

Additional information


1'08 g/c.c.



Amino acids (mainly glycine)

22,0% w/w


2,0% w/w

Complexing agent

Low carboxylic acids


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