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Golf Sand Penetrometer | Optimises playability in bunkers

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Easy to use penetrometer to check bunker compaction to see how the ball will behave during play.


Discover how the Sand Penetrometer revolutionises the assessment of playing conditions in the sandy areas of your golf course. This essential tool allows greenkeepers and course maintenance professionals to accurately determine the playability of bunkers, ensuring an optimal experience for golfers.

Golf Sand Penetrometer Key Features

Ease of Use

The Sand Penetrometer features an intuitive design, making it easy to use directly on the course. Simply adjust the red ring, place the attached golf ball on the sand and press down evenly. The results provide a clear understanding of the quality of the sand in terms of playability.

Measurement Accuracy

The tool provides measurements in kilograms per square centimetre or tonnes per square foot, allowing a detailed assessment of sand compaction. This data is crucial in determining whether a golf ball will bury or remain playable in bunkers.

Improving the gaming experience

Using the Sand Penetrometer, course managers can adjust bunker conditions to provide a fair and challenging playing experience. This fine tuning of bunker conditions elevates the overall quality of the course.

How to Use the Golf Sand Penetrometer

  1. PreparationSlide the red ring down against the handle.
  2. MeasurementHold the knurled part of the handle and place the golf ball on the sand in the bunker.
  3. PressureApply even pressure until the ball reaches the centre line.
  4. ReadingNote the force indicated on the underside of the red ring to interpret the compaction of the sand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I interpret the results obtained with the Sand Penetrometer?

The results will indicate the compaction of the sand. A higher reading suggests greater compaction, which may increase the likelihood of the ball being buried, known as the "fried egg" effect.

How often should I carry out measurements in bunkers?

Periodic measurements, especially after changes in sand or extreme weather conditions, are recommended to maintain optimal playability conditions.

Is the Sand Penetrometer suitable for all types of sand?

Yes, the Golf Sand Penetrometer is versatile and can be used in a wide range of sand types, providing accurate measurements that help determine the playability of bunkers in any course configuration.

Additional information


tons/square foot and kg/square centimetre

Charging piston

Stainless steel, 6 kg / cm2


Rust resistant


0.25 to 4.5 kg / cm2


0.25 kg / cm2


19 x 162 mm 283gm


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