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WatchDog 1250 Micro Station

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Data logger with 2 free sensor inputs. Including internal temperature and relative humidity sensor. Requires SpecWare to collect data. Outdoor case recommended.


The WatchDog 1250 Micro Station includes internal temperature and relative humidity sensor.

The 1000 series micro stations are the most cost-effective option for recording data on environmental conditions over a long period of time. The units can receive data from more than 30 available sensors.

  • Failsafe storage of up to 10,584 data in memory
  • Includes internal temperature and relative humidity sensor
  • Waterproof
  • 12 months battery life
  • Includes display
  • Transfer of information by direct connection or Data Shuttle
  • Requires SpecWare o SpecWare Pro

It measures variables such as light, temperature, humidity, salinity, rainfall, wind...

It is recommended to purchase the radiation shield.

Other versions of the 1000 series are available with temperature or relative humidity sensors included. Comparison between 1000 series units:

Información adicional

Operating temperature

Between -20 and 60ºC

Sensor temperature range

from -40 to 60°C

Relative humidity range

0 to 100% of humidity

Temperature accuracy

+-6ºC between -20 and 50ºC ; +-1.2ºC outside that range

Relative humidity accuracy

+-3% to 25% between 10 and 90% ; +-5% outside this range


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