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Standard soil laboratory analysis SC

At Tiloom we help you to read and interpret any type of analysis. Such as standard soil laboratory analysis.


With the implementation of a analysis andtandard it is possible to diagnose deficiencies that appear in the soil or in the plant. Sometimes it is difficult to determine the needs of the soil and the plant. A analysis of groundThe water and foliar is the perfect way to determine how to manage the needs of the field.

The determinations in this analysis are:
  • Sand, silt, clay.
  • Electrical conductivity (1/5), pH (1/2 ClK), Total Organic Matter and Total Organic Carbon, Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio
  • Chloride (1/5), Water-soluble sulphate (1/5), Assimilable sodium, Total limestone, Active limestone, Total analysed nitrogen, Nitric nitrogen, Assimilable phosphorus, Assimilable potassium, Assimilable calcium, Assimilable magnesium, Assimilable sodium, Assimilable iron, Assimilable manganese, Assimilable zinc, Assimilable copper and Assimilable boron.
Tiloom can help you so that you are not left with a single, non-personalised report from a laboratory.

With our experts in water engineering and agronomists we help you to read and understand interpretation of analyses of any kind of analysis. We also help you to determine the needs of your lawn. For example, the standard soil analysis, so that you can make the most of the information.

We use hydrogeochemical modelling software to study the relationships between soil and irrigation water.

Standard soil analysis SC.

Service reference for orders: ST - 034.

Take advantage of our experience in auditing and assessing, to date, a large number of soil, turf and water samples from sports turf surfaces of all types and species, in Spain and abroad.

Service reference pa for la analysis assessment: ST-032.

Service reference of audits of sports surfaces ST - 015.

All possible analyses that can be carried out are:

Soil, Sludge, Slurry, Sediment and solid waste:

  • Standard floor (SC).
  • SC + ES - Standard soil + extract 1/5 v/v.
  • SC + ES - Standard soil + saturated extract.
  • SCC - Standard soil with exchange cations.
  • SES - Soil in saturated extract.
  • SS - Single floor.
  • SSC - Simple soil with exchange cations.

Foliar analysis.

Water analysis.



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