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POGO Pro +

POGO Pro +

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Renew the experience with the new POGO. Control humidity, salinity and temperature in the field with more comfort and agility than ever before.


POGO Pro+ is the natural leap forward in the latest technology for monitoring parameters such as moisture, electro-conductivity, temperature and soil salinity in turf.

This update keeps POGO Pro+ at the technological forefront as the most advanced instrument in the field.

POGO Pro +


  • Includes Bluetooth for easy connection to all types of mobile devices.
  • It has revamped its App to make it more intuitive and accessible.
  • Improved GPS for better geolocation of samples.
  • Measurement of the infrared surface temperature.
  • USB-C charger.
  • Improved ergonomics.
  • Ability to measure temperature at different soil depths (separate purchase).
POGO maintains its excellent quality and functionality.

The POGO Pro+ sensor synchronises with your mobile phone via Bluetooth, eliminating any connectivity problems. It then uploads all the data to the Internet and displays it on maps with all your information represented by easily interpretable colour maps.

The data acquisition and recording system POGO Turf Pro collects, displays and stores the condition of the turf in the average records by POGO Pro+.

For more information about the POGO sensor click here. here.

Product reference for orders: PT-095

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 25 × 25 cm

1,45 Kg

Length without handle

62,55 cm

Sensor length

5.74 cm

Diameter of each tip

3,175 mm

Sample volume

59 cm3

Sensor technology

Coaxial impedance dielectric reflectometry

Units of measurement

%VWC, EC, IS, ÂșC, ÂșF

Humidity - range

From dry to saturated

Humidity - precision

+/-0.01 %VWC for sandy soils and +/-0.03 %VWC for more textured soils.

Electroconductivity (EC in dS/m) - range

0.1 to 15.0 dS/M (mmhos/cm)

Electroconductivity (EC in dS/m) - accuracy

+/- 2,0% or 0,05dS/m

Temperature - range

-10.0 °C to +55.0 °C

Temperature - accuracy

+/- 0,1ÂșC

GPS accuracy



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