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Turf HOC: Laser lawn mowing height gauge for professionals ­čî┐

This Turf HOC laser height-of-cut meter is the essential tool for any turf professional looking for precision, efficiency and quality in the maintenance of green areas and turf fields.


Descube Turf HOC: the laser height-of-cut height gauge for professionals

Turf HOC is an innovative tool designed for turf professionals looking for accurate and consistent height of cut measurements. Using an advanced linear laser method, this device outperforms traditional visual measurement methods, providing reliable and repeatable results without the need for estimation.

Technical characteristics of the Turf HOC laser height measuring device for turf

  1. Highly accurate and consistent measurements:
    • Reliance on line of sight, especially in low-cut scenarios, is impractical. Turf HOC eliminates the need to squint, handling measurements automatically and accurately.

Tiloom laser grass height gauge

  1. Compact and lightweight design:
    • Weighing just 385 grams (1.2 pounds) and sized to fit perfectly in the palm of the hand, Turf HOC is easy to carry and store, ideal for use on golf carts without the hassle of carrying heavy boxes.

Tiloom professional laser meter

  1. High quality materials:
    • The frame is made of PA-12 nylon, while the prism is made of HK9L optical glass with aluminium membrane backing. This design ensures that moisture does not adversely affect visibility through the prism.

laser height gauge for professionals Tiloom

  1. Sets the measurement with Metric or Imperial units:
    • Turf HOC allows the selection of the unit of measurement that best suits the region and the work team, facilitating its integration into any professional protocol.

type of laser grass height measuring device for professionals Tiloom

  1. Smartphone measurement accessory:
    • The phone accessory is an excellent tool for inspecting the quality of the cut and capturing clear and consistent images. It is compatible with phones that have a macro function.

quality inspection of the lawn quality with the Tiloom laser lawn height meter for professional users

Key benefits of Turf HOC

  • Consistency in Measurements: Ensures that all areas of the turf are cut to the exact desired height, improving the uniformity of the field.
  • Improved Efficiency: It reduces the time needed to check the height of cut, allowing professionals to spend more time on other maintenance tasks.
  • Durability and Resistance: Built to withstand the conditions of the outdoor environment, guaranteeing a long service life even in intensive use.

This Turf HOC laser height-of-cut meter is the essential tool for any turf professional looking for precision, efficiency and quality in the maintenance of green areas and turf fields.


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