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TDR 150 | Moisture Meter

The TDR 150 sensor accurately measures soil moisture, temperature and salinity. Rods, GPS and BlueTooth to optimise data analysis are purchased separately.

It is compatible with 4 different rod lengths (3.8 cm, 7.5 cm, 12 cm and 20 cm) for different types of use, from 3.8 cm for lawns to 20 cm for arboriculture.


The TDR sensor 150 is a versatile tool for monitoring the condition of your turf and substrate (in sports, ornamental or agricultural fields).

Unlike the TDR 350 (which has a handle for standing measurement), this instrument is smaller and more compact. Bluetooth and GPS are purchased separately.

With the TDR 150 sensor you can measure:

  • Humidity (%VWC)
  • Electroconductivity / conductivity (EC)
  • The temperature
  • The Salt Index

Perfect for sports surfaces as well as for the precision agriculture or ornamental.

It is compatible with 4 different rod lengths (3.8 cm, 7.5 cm, 12 cm and 20 cm) for different types of use, from 3.8 cm for lawns to 20 cm for arboriculture.


The equipment is platform compatible FieldScout and to the platform SpecConnectThis will allow you to visualise the results on colour maps and thus analyse the data in much more detail.

FieldScout Pro Mobile App

FieldScout Pro Mobile App

*For further customisation of the product, the rods sold separately.

Video presentation of the TDR 150:

Product reference for orders: PT-089

Additional information


Percentage of volumetric water content, Temperature in ┬║C, EC in ms/cm


±0,3 % volumetric content of water with electrical conductivity < 2 mS/cm, Conductivity: ± 0,1 mS/cm, Temperature: ± 1 ˚C

Registration capacity

50,000 measurements

Measuring ranges

0% up to saturation, Conductivity: 0 to 5 mS/cm, Temperature: -30 to 60 ˚C


Backlit LCD, high contrast


It is activated as a separate product.


4 AA lithium batteries, approx. 100,000 readings without backlight.


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