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Wireless weather stations

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Table of contents: Wireless weather stations

With communication technologies a new generation of weather stations has arrived. It becomes a difficult task to take care of a lawn or any other crop without knowing the weather on site in real time.

A weather station is the most versatile tool to take care of a crop.

With a weather station it is possible to make predictions of the weather in the coming days or climatological studies of a specific area. Very useful for detecting microclimates that differ markedly from one area to another. There are often many kilometres between two stations in the public network and the readings are no longer useful as the weather varies greatly from one place to another.

The ease with which information can be sent to the cloud revolutionises the use of information. Data can now be accessed from a PC or smartphone in real time. For example, Davis has recently updated a very practical and visual user interface.

DAVIS Data Viewer
DAVIS Data Viewer

The very schematic interface allows you to see all station variables at a glance.

As they do not need cables, neither to transmit energy nor to transmit data, these stations can be installed anywhere. However, they should be located in an area as clear as possible, without dense vegetation or buildings that modify the reality of the area to be studied. If the station is permanently shaded or a building blocks the wind, the data cannot be extrapolated to adjacent areas.

Wireless stations upload data to your personal cloud.
Parts of a Weather Station
Parts of a Weather Station

The most basic station has a Meteorological Shelter inside:

  • Barometer-> Measures atmospheric pressure.
  • Thermohygrometer-> Measures temperature and humidity.

But for more professional uses it may be necessary to increase the number of sensors to measure more parameters, and it can be customised as far as desired, for example:

  • Automatic rain gauge. -> Measures rainfall.
  • Anemometer -> Measures wind speed.
  • Wind vane -> Wind direction measurement.
  • UV and solar radiation sensor. -> Facilitates the calculation of values such as ET.

With all these sensors it is possible, for example, to know the evapotranspiration of the surrounding vegetation in real time, and all this information can be extrapolated to more distant areas, as it will be more reliable than a more distant station.

Today it is easier than ever to know the conditions in the field. By using the information, the investment is amortised quickly, as you have control over what is happening at all times, and you can set alarms to make decisions quickly. If you are interested in knowing more about which is the best weather station for your field, do not hesitate to contact us to get the information you need.

It has never been easier to know the climate of your field. Generating fungi and insect growth models is now possible. In Tiloom we distribute the best stations with a technical service in English that can advise you at 100%.


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