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POGO Electroconductivity EC

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Table of contents: POGO Electroconductivity EC

The electroconductivity, ECalso known as salinity, is a measure of salts in solution measured with POGO.

Monitoring of parameters through POGO tool

As salts dissolve in the soil solution, these ions move within the soil profile and can form different chemical species, even passing into gaseous states, being lost from the soil system, precipitating in compacted anaerobic systems or being taken up by turf. They may move along the surface or leach under saturated conditions through drainage systems.

POGO is the most revolutionary technology in its field.

It is the movement of these ions in the soil solution that gives us the value of the EC as it is perceived by the turf. Laboratories take soil-leaf samples, saturate them under specific conditions with acidic extractants for a certain period of time, and the solution is extracted by means of a vacuum pump. The total value of the measured electroconductivity gives an idea of the potential salts in the system.

But on a day-to-day basis, the lawn never has these conditions. It is only salts in solution that really affect the soil-grass system. This is the situation that the POGO presents us with. The value of EC from the laboratory will always be higher than that given by the POGO for the same system. It is a powerful analysis of the real situation of the turf and gives us information about nutrient release by the different fertilisers, their longevity in the soil, salinity and much more.

There is no ideal EC for every situation. Only a laboratory analysis can tell which chemical associations are producing such EC measurements. However, the POGO indicates the tendency of salts to accumulate. After continuous visualisation over time, the experience gained with the data will make it possible to better control the different possible situations. 

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