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Turf disease detection IX. Acidovorax avenae

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Table of contents: Turf disease detection IX. Acidovorax avenae

The popular stoloniferous agrostis used on most of the world's temperate greens suffers particularly during the summer when temperatures are high and moisture is scarce. The bacterium Acidovorax avenae has recently become a problem due to the etiolation it causes. It was not diagnosed until 2010, although presumably the option of this disease had not been considered before, as fungal attack is more common.

Ethylation is a process in which plants elongate abnormally by separating the nodes from each other.

The MSU1 version is largely contaminated

Etiolation is the abnormal elongation of stems and leaves. In short grasses it is also associated with yellowing. The effect is unsightly and weakens the plant in general. This can occur from one day to the next.

Stress causes a major impact and can be observed in areas of the green with high traffic. It is at this time that the Acidovorax avenae bacterium causes a decline leading to loss of turfgrass areas. Antibiotic products are not normally applied to turf as there are no antibiotics on the market for turf which means that the practices are not yet established. If a fungicide is applied in this case it will be of no use.

Fungicides do not work against bacterial diseases such as Acidovorax avenae.

All factors that weaken the turf such as low mowing below 2.6 mm, low fertilisation, the use of growth regulators or heavy traffic increase the risk of bacterial attack.

Symptoms of extraordinary elongation and loss of colour are often not observed in turfgrasses with higher mowing heights or less demanding maintenance.


If you would like to diagnose your turf or the soil of your pitch, please contact us and we will be happy to make a analysis disease diagnosis based on qPCR.



Sources Identification, Characterization, and Distribution of Acidovorax avenae subsp. avenae Associated with Creeping Bentgrass Etiolation and Decline. Paul R. Giordano, Arielle M. Chaves, Nathaniel A. Mitkowski,
Joseph M. Vargas, Jr.

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