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Technology applied to the monitoring of the irrigation network.

Ignacio del Rey
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Visualisation of the regometer scheme

Table of contents: Technology applied to the monitoring of the irrigation network.

Technology applied to irrigation network monitoring is a breakthrough in crop production available to everyone.

Nowadays it is possible to know the status of the pumping system at all times. The information age allows the most technological to the most humble pumping to measure the most important variables so that the service life of the pumping is as long as possible.

The irrigation schedule is usually at night, and at that time there is no one watching if the suction pressure is low or if the pumps start up every few minutes. This is why systems such as Regometer make it possible to monitor the pumping status at all times from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Regometer's work has been so innovative that it has brought down the cost of this type of equipment:

  • You can use the sensors you already have installed. If you already have transducers, current clamps or any other sensors in your installation, it is not necessary to duplicate them because it is possible to get the signal from these instruments.

Current clamp.Pressure transducer

  • It eliminates unnecessary parts such as the control panel, because everything can be done from the internet.
  • Eliminates cables and construction work through the use of mobile communication.
  • And it's all based on open source.
And what can be achieved with this kind of technology?

Technologies such as Regometer can manage the collection of all kinds of practical information for the correct management of irrigation as a large number of sensors can be connected to it.

  • Check the energy consumption of your pump and check with your electricity supplier.
  • Legally protect yourself against voltage spikes that can damage your equipment by recording the supplied voltages.
  • It records all water consumption with the flow meters in real time.
  • It records the pressure at the pump inlet to avoid cavitation and at the outlet to know the actual working pressure at all times.
  • Know the height of your alligator tree and manage your water resources from anywhere.
  • Know the quality of your water from values such as pH, electroconductivity or redox.

All irrigation systems supplied by a WWTP suffer from large variations in EC throughout the season, with a system like this you can control these changes and assess whether you do not want very poor quality water to enter the cistern. The same applies to the pH of water that is at risk of corrode or clog pipesThe value can be checked and corrected by adding acids or bases to the water.

These innovative technologies are a new shield against the problems that irrigation may have in the system. Irrigation networks are constantly evolving and changing, and having a database that can be consulted at all times allows everything to be recorded and allows us to understand and justify everything that happens in an irrigation network, which is no small thing.

We are very proud of the success stories of this system. It has been installed in agricultural plots in Almería, Alicante, Aranda de Duero... and also in golf courses such as Las Brisas or the Club de Campo Villa de Madrid.

Ask us if you want to information.

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