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Annual weed control

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Table of contents: Annual weed control

Exercise weed control can be a challenge. Seed can come from a variety of sources. It can come in the irrigation water if it comes from a natural watercourse, it can be pushed by the wind, by animals or by the seed bank itself that is generated in the soil over the years.

The best way to control these weeds is through the use of pre-emergence herbicides which are generally applied in spring and autumn. The normal forms of presentation are either in liquid or granular form. The key is to apply before weed seeds germinate.

Pre-emergence herbicide application lasts in the soil for 6 to 12 weeks.

Most seeds germinate strongly influenced by temperature. So monitoring with sensors is very interesting as we can see if the seed is germinating. temperature at a depth of 5 cm is between 12 and 16°C for 4 to 5 days at a time. During this time, no work should be done that modifies the soil structure so as not to remove the protective barrier.

When the weed emergence season is longer, a second application can be made.

Finally, once the pre-emergence products have been used well, their application can be delayed because the seed bank will have been greatly depleted.

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