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Green space security deadlines

The safety periods of phytosanitary products are essential for the wellbeing of the users of green spaces. Technicians apply them to maintain plant health and conserve spaces, but generally a whole integrated pest management approach has been carried out beforehand in order to use the least amount of pesticides possible.

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Treatment of phytosanitary packaging

The treatment of plant protection packaging is a matter of responsibility for all users. It is Royal Decree 1311/2012 that gives guidelines for the proper management of packaging containing the products.

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Labelling of pesticides

One of the most important points in the use of crop protection products is the labelling of pesticides. This is important because it helps us to know what the contraindications of the products and the dangers of their use are.

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Hazards of pesticides

Let us review the dangers of pesticides. They are tools that greatly increase the quality of the canopy but must be treated with caution.

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Sprayer calibration

In order to spray correctly, good sprayer calibration must be carried out. Considering accurate spraying will prevent potential crop damage and accidental contamination.

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Invasion of C4 species on C3 greens

Encroachment of C4 species (e.g. bermudagrass) on C3, for example on the rings of agrostis greens is very common, due to the increasing use of bermudagrass and other C4 around C3 greens. There are two types of solutions for this problem: a) Operations

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Degree days. Phytosanitary treatments

Treatments with phytosanitary products can follow schedules based on degree days; there are different studies for different needs that indicate this. For example, sports surfaces consisting of Festuca Arundinacea often have weed problems, especially Paspalum Dilatatum, "Dallisgrass". Due to the current restrictions for

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