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New Technologies, automation and digitalisation in professional turf care

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Table of contents: New Technologies, automation and digitalisation in professional turf care

At Tiloom, we are committed to innovation and the development of integrated turf solutions, and we would like to present our latest technologies in this field.

Monitoring and management

Our instrumentation kits allow accurate monitoring of ground conditions, facilitating informed maintenance decisions.

At Tiloom we stand out by offering a service of audits in which, based on agronomic, biomechanical and playability measurements, we fully characterise the turf, providing a complete vision that greatly facilitates management by the greenkeeper.

To complement our monitoring system, we use the digital notebook Turfkeeper. This comprehensive platform allows you to manage all collected information in one place, facilitating efficient turf maintenance management.

With the highly successful diagnostic case Tiloom Proused in tournaments such as the Open de Espa├▒a de Golf, we can monitor the most important variables that affect the gameplay, being able to reproduce the measurements as many times and in as many places as we wish.

Specialised weather stations

Designed for professional turf care professionals, the weather station WatchDog captures real-time environmental data on temperature, humidity, sunlight and other critical parameters, optimising the use of resources. In addition, WatchDog contains a predictive model. against pests and diseases.

At Tiloom we also provide an installation service, set-up and after-sales service that places us at the forefront of the sector, guaranteeing the quality of the service.

Soil moisture sensing

Tiloom presents its innovative floor sensor AgroditThe Soil Moisture Meter, an advanced and durable tool that accurately measures soil moisture, temperature and salinity at various levels. It provides instant and accurate data for precise irrigation adjustment.

It is a very useful tool to accompany other measurements of physical parameters such as the infiltration. Poor infiltration leads to poorly adjusted soil moisture, which ultimately promotes the development of diseases.

Portable Phytodiagnosis Kit

One of our most innovative solutions is the Phytodiagnosis portable kit by Microgaia, used by clubs such as Leicester FC. This device performs fast and accurate diagnostics in situ, detecting up to 16 pathogens in one hour by means of Quantitative PCR.

In addition, at Tiloom we offer a comprehensive results interpretation and advice service. We analyse the kit data to provide personalised recommendations and effective strategies, ensuring that each client maximises their investment and maintains a high standard of turf management.

In addition, in our Greenkeepedia you will find the series Lawn diseases where you will find numerous articles with detailed information on each disease.

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