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Hybrid Turf: Technology based on durability and aesthetics

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Table of contents: Hybrid Turf: Technology based on durability and aesthetics

What is hybrid turf?

Discovering its technology and features

The hybrid grass represents a significant breakthrough in the care and maintenance of sports surfaces, effectively combining the advantages of natural grass with the strength and durability of synthetic fibres. This innovative approach is being applied in a wide variety of SPORTS FIELDSincluding football, rugby, baseball and American football, improving not only the aesthetics and playability but also the longevity and sustainability of playing surfaces.

Currently, 2/3 of the football pitches in the Premier League already use hybrid turf.

Hybrid turf production methods

The hybrid grass production incorporates advanced techniques to intertwining synthetic fibres with natural turfThe surface is more resistant to wear and tear and adverse weather conditions. Among the most prominent methods are:

Carpet sewn with synthetic fibres

This process involves the placement of a carpet backing sewn with synthetic fibres, cover then with 4 cm of silica sand. After brushing the surface to keep the fibres upright, the desired grass variety is sown.

This method, pioneer in Spain and adopted by teams such as Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao, ensures optimal integration of the fibres with the natural soil, promoting strong rooting and an even and stable playing surface.

Injection of artificial fibres

The injection of man-made fibres at a depth of 20 cm and with an emergent height of 2-2.5 cm in an established or growing turfgrass, provides a further state-of-the-art technology. This methodology, used by entities such as Futbol Club Barcelona, ensures a homogeneous distribution of fibresThe soil structure is strengthened and its resistance to intensive use is improved.

Lawn with synthetic fibre carpet
Fibre carpet + backing

Blend of sand, organic material and polymer fibre

The incorporation of a mixture of sand, organic material and polymer fibres before seeding or sod installation, provides a rich nutritional basis for natural grassThe presence of synthetic fibres improves the stability and strength of the floor.

Advantages of hybrid turf

The integration of synthetic fibres into natural grass not only increases the durability of the surface, but also significantly improves its resistance to wear and compaction. In addition, the reinforced soil structure favours better aeration and drainage, critical elements for the maintenance of the soil. GRASS HEALTH.

The improved stability of hybrid turf reduces the risk of injury for athletes by providing a consistent and predictable playing surface. In addition, the maintenance of these surfaces, although similar to natural grass in terms of watering and mowing, benefits from faster recovery after the matches and a reduced need for repairs.

Effectively assess the quality and performance of hybrid turf with Tiloom

At Tiloom we offer complete audits of sports grounds and surfacescovering everything from natural grass to hybrid turf. Our approach covers the comprehensive quality, performance and safety analysis The aim is to provide accurate diagnoses and recommendations for the maintenance and improvement of fields of all types.

Interesting frequently asked questions about hybrid turf

Is the maintenance of hybrid grass more complex than that of natural grass?

Hybrid turf requires more detailed maintenance than natural turf, including annual aerations and specific fertilisation adjustments of around 150-200 kg N/ha annually. This specific approach does not overcomplicate the care, but simply orients it towards the conservation of its hybrid qualities.

What are the advantages of hybrid turf over fully synthetic turf?

Compared to synthetic, hybrid turf excels in providing a more natural experience and reducing injuries, with an extended lifespan of up to 5-6 years. It combines the pleasant feel of natural grass with the improved strength and durability of synthetic, establishing an optimal balance for sports fields.

How do you choose the right hybrid turf installation method?

The choice of installation method depends on factors such as climate, type of sport and the specific needs of the field. For temperate and high traffic areas, fibre injection offers superior resilience and recovery. In contexts of limited budget or fast installation requirements, carpet with stitched fibres is an effective option. Consultation with a specialist ensures proper selection based on analysis of the environment and usage expectations.

Is hybrid grass environmentally friendly?

By integrating the best of natural grass and synthetic fibres, hybrid turf can improve the ecological balance by reducing the need for water by up to 30%, and reduce reliance on fertilisers and pesticides. This synergy between natural and artificial components supports more sustainable practices in sports field maintenance.

How long does the hybrid grass last?

With proper maintenance, hybrid turf can last 5 to 10 years, surpassing the longevity of natural grass. This longevity can be extended through specific care, periodic adjustments and careful monitoring of the soil health and vegetation.

Is hybrid grass suitable for all sports?

Hybrid turf is suitable for a wide range of sports, including football, rugby, and American football, thanks to its versatility and resilience. Its design allows the hardness and responsiveness of the surface to be customised to the needs of each discipline, providing optimal playing conditions for athletes of all levels.

How does the price of hybrid turf compare with other options?

Initially, the investment in hybrid turf may be higher than that of pure natural or synthetic options, however, its efficiency in terms of maintenance and reduced operating costs make it economically viable in the long term. The reduced need for repairs and extended durability offer significant savings, amortising the initial investment over the course of its lifetime.

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