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To better assist you with any support response, please do not forget to include in your form query, in the description field, the answer to the following questions, as well as a detailed explanation of any difficulties you may have encountered:

Have you had a synchronisation error? Let us know

  • Is your phone Android or iPhone?
  • Did you get the confirmation window on your phone screen, and click 'OK'?
  • Are you synchronising with your office or home WiFi, or with your phone's data network?
  • What was the date and time (exact or approximate) when you made the last unsuccessful synchronisation?
  • From which user (e-mail) did you make the accreditation for data synchronisation?

Do not forget to include, apart from a general description of the problem, the answer to these questions in the form, in case your problem is related to data synchronisation.

Typical errors and how to solve them are explained below. Please consult them and only if the problem is not fixed then fill in the form.

Checking these issues is the quickest way to help you.

Android phones

The POGO web platform, in its current version, has generated a compatibility problem with Android devices in Spanish, because the web portal (until its next update) has generated difficulties in interpreting the Spanish language. For this reason, we advise you to configure your Android in English language from the general configuration menu of your phone, at least for the moment of synchronisation. This circumstance has already been detected and will be repaired in the new version of the platform, which will be released in the next few days.

The POGO application has stopped

For the POGO application the synchronisation time is very important, and this will depend on the speed of your internet connection. If the connectivity of your terminal is slow at the time of synchronisation, the POGO application may stop and close, which may result in data deletion, so we recommend that you only synchronise when you have an internet connection via WiFi, whenever possible, and ensuring that it is a fast and reliable network.

My data from the last day of measurement has disappeared

In case the POGO application encounters a problem and closes or stops unexpectedly, as well as if you have synchronised the data in a language other than English, the fact that the data has not been uploaded to the web may cause the problem that the data disappears from the phone as well, so we recommend to be faithful to the instructions of the equipment and the advice described here.

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