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Improvements to the environment through turfgrass

Ignacio del Rey
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Table of contents: Improvements to the environment through turfgrass

Lawns bring about constant improvements to the environment. Urban areas with grass are excellent sources of water purification and water conservation. Green roofs are excellent water sponges, as they are able to retain more rainwater than most other surfaces. Not only does it retain water better, but it also prevents run-off and encourages the filling of groundwater.

By preventing erosion in cities, it greatly reduces the amount of sand that reaches the sewers. It is also a filter for pollutants that can be broken down by bacteria in the rhizosphere.

SurfaceSurface temperature ┬║CTemperature at 9 cm ┬║C
Natural Grass3131
Synthetic Turf7036
Sleeping Grass5235
Bare soil3933

Another excellent environmental improvement is temperature control. All plants help to lower the ambient temperature, but grass is more effective as it represents a large number of plants in a small space. It absorbs solar radiation very effectively and like an evaporative cooler cools the surrounding environment.

Some studies, such as those carried out by the Texas A&M University reflect that when the pavement on the street is at 38┬░C the surrounding lawn will be above 24┬░C. The point is that grass plants use solar radiation for photosynthesis, not to absorb heat like concrete or other materials.

Another key to the use of turfgrass is soil improvement. Its fine roots are capable of occupying the narrowest areas of the soil on which it grows. They are great producers of dry matter that dies and transforms into organic matter, enriching the soil over time. In addition, if the grass clippings are fine, they can remain in the meadow, providing free fertiliser.

All the organic matter generated in plants and microorganisms is sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere, which contributes to healthier environments.

These, together with the reasons for the entry of EFFECTS OF TURF ON THE ENVIRONMENT helps us to better understand the benefits of turf in the environment and the quality of life it offers.

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