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Disease analysis with qPCR

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Table of contents: Disease analysis with qPCR

Turfgrass diseases are a tremendous headache, visual identification is complex and requires a lot of experience to give accurate diagnoses. Tiloom now offers the best qPCR disease tests to facilitate the diagnosis of turfgrass diseases and make the job of greenkeepers easier.

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Tiloom's qPCR tests analyse up to 45 different pathogens that are prevalent in turfgrass and impact plant health at once. New ways to study the health of our turfgrasses are opened up to all users thanks to our technology.

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For decades, the qPCR technique has been a widely used and indispensable technique for medical and biological laboratories. Today it is popularly known worldwide, the detection technique for COVID-19 and is the key to a healthy lawn.

This technique is based on the exponential amplification of DNA molecules, using the enzyme thermostable DNA polymerase. Its acronym is PCR: Polymerase Chain Reaction. It is now an accessible technique so that all fields can be diagnosed quickly and accurately.

Now we can apply this technique to know the phytosanitary status of our sports surfaces, i.e. we can identify pathogenic microorganisms, both in the plant and in the soil, before they produce the disease. This allows the greenkeeper to make decisions about the type of treatment to use, assessing the real need for its application, saving costs, optimising treatments and reducing the presence of these chemical compounds in the soil.

With our tests you can diagnose your turf quickly and accurately at low cost. 


Below you can see the list of pathologies identifiable with our qPCR disease analysis.

Alternaria spp.
Bipolaris sorokiniana
Clarireedia spp. (S. homoeocarpa)
Clarireedia bennettii
Colletotrichum spp.
Curvularia spp.
Drechslera dictyoides
Drechslera poae
Erysiphe graminis
Fusarium spp.
F. oxysporum
Fusarium poae
Gaeumannomyces spp.
Gloeocercospora sorghi
Laetisaria fuciformis
Limonomyces roseipellis
Magnaporthe poae
Microdochium bolleyi
Microdochium nivale
Phytophthora spp.
Puccinia coronata
Puccinia graminis
Puccinia striiformis
Pyricularia grisea
Pythium spp.
Pythium spp.
P. aphanidermatum
P. irregulare
P. tracheiphilum
P. volutum
Ophiosphaerella korrae
Phialophora graminicola
Pythium ultimum
Rhizoctonia cerealis
Rhizoctonia solani
Sclerophthora macrospora
Sclerotium rolfsii
Typhula incarnata
Verticillium spp.
Waitea circinata
Acidovorax avenae subs. avenae
Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris
Xanthomonas translucens
Labyrinthula spp.
Labyrinthula terrestris

How do I interpret the information provided by a Tiloom qPCR?

The information obtained from a qPCR reaction varies depending on the reason for performing the reaction.

In the case of the detection of plant pathogenic micro-organisms, the information being sought is the detection of such micro-organisms. pathogens by means of DNA. It is also extremely useful to know how much of the micro-organism is present in the sample analysed.

If you want to make your own analysis, contact Tiloom and we will help you step by step to make your own analysis quickly and at low cost.

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