Hardiness & firmness

Measuring hardiness and firmness on your sport surfaces, will let you know to forsee their biomechanic and playability properties, and depending if we are managing golf greens, football pitches, rugby or cricket wickets, we will talk about firmness and hardiness.

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Sprinklers maintenance

Sprinklers maintenance is an important task in summer because irrigation eficiency is vital for an optimum management. One basic task to review is the sprinklers clean up, as liming deposits, algae or dead fish from lakes, clogg them, specially if seawage irrigation water is used (high levels of turbidity and suspended solids). In this post we will review the key points to observe for high efficiency. One more key activity within the recommended tips for this time of the year.

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Sport surface metrics

Metric tools usage is not just a matter of measuring but also knowing the meanings of basic statistics.

Good management of sport surfaces and its improvement, need to characterize their different values and statistic parameters which define them. From Tiloom we make sure our tools & metrics give the best quality ratings at:

  • Statistical sensitivity, the smallest change the tool is able to detect, also named resolution.
  • Repeatability, shows the maximum precision. A good tool must be able to repeat the same readings under the same conditions.
  • Accuracy, capacity of the tools to show the true value of the measurement.
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