Products and Services

Tiloom offers three different lines of products and services to its clients:

All of them are focused on offering a solution to today’s needs in a progressed field of knowledge: the challenge of keep turf in sport fields in the best state. These products will help to greenkeepers and superintendents to gather so much information about soil and ambient conditions.

ENVIRONMESH™ wireless metering solution: Real-time monitoring of soil conditions like temperature, humidity, electroconductivity, oxygen concentration in soil, or soil water tension at root level.

Portable probes, easy to use, to complete the information you could collect from your field, to mantain turf in optimal conditions, helping yo to make smarter decisions.

Green 2.0 Audit Service: Rely on the newest and most competitive metering technology to let Maintenance Companies offer you its knowledge and experience by processing data, and identifying problems as soon as possible (salinity peaks, soil poor in nutrients, aereation needs…), reducing risk in the field by early-stage detection, and improving irrigation procedures.

Check all your possibilities:

Dispositivo enterrado para campos de golf.



Portable Probes.


Green 2.0 Audit Services