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We offer our customers complete monitoring platforms (software and hardware) in the following areas real time and in remote of facilities, works, assets or personnel, as well as self-diagnostic tools for the control of the consumption of any resource that offers the client the opportunity to improve their productivity.

Building, Structural health of buildings



The added value that Tiloom offers to its customers for the control and monitoring of the structural health of buildings consists of a range of wireless sensors, which do not need electrical power to operate or wiring to communicate, which in real time, minute by minute, send the information collected to a software platform, where they are recorded, analysed and alerts are given on certain parameters, these data are accessible from anywhere at any time, from a mobile, Tablet or PC and the alerts are received directly on the mobile at the same time they occur. As a summary of the advantages of our system we have that: installation is immediate, as no cables or power supply are required, saving costly installations. The information provided is available on the spot and from anywhere, on your mobile, PC or Tablet. There is no need for any operator to travel to take the measurements. Alerts are generated and communicated in real time on the monitored parameter, with the sampling frequency you choose, minute by minute, hour by hour, week by week.

 Tiloom Technology

- Sensor control of the appearance of cracks at critical points in buildings.

- Sensor tracking of crack propagation in buildings.

Sensor scrolling linear for crack growth measurement.                       

Civil Works

The solutions described above for buildings can be used perfectly well in civil works, with the same benefits. We add to the above two sensors for exclusive use in civil works.

Tiloom Technology

Shrinkage-dilation sensor for materials in infrastructure: Rental sensors are available for use in load testing, where classical "strain gauge" methods require access and availability of land under the structure.

Silhouette Node_Transmit

Sensor for monitoring the state of the concreten: The quality of concrete depends on the concreting and curing phase. Tiloom offers a sensor to measure and record temperature and shrinkage, in the first hours of curing, in the 28 days of consolidation and for years to come. The Tiloom Sensor is directly buried (antenna included) in the concrete and records the corresponding measurements in its integrated non-volatile memory. The user can remotely download all measurements thanks to the special long special antenna, even with the sensor inside the concrete. As all measurements are dated, the user gets the complete history of the monitored concrete.


  • Structural instrumentation (bridges, roads, large buildings, concrete foundations, etc.)
  • Concrete testing and qualification in laboratories.


  • 5 metres of antenna cable, compatible with installation in deep foundations. The antenna remains close to the surface to ensure radio transmission.
  • Sensors calibrated at the factory for the life of the product.
  • A long battery life (up to 10 years).
  • A software with database for storing and sorting measurements.

Control of the construction of tunnels in the vicinity of buildings

When tunnelling in the vicinity of buildings, monitoring of subsidence is mandatory and is normally done with topography, taking readings at regular intervals. This is of particular interest in the case of excavations with a high pace, such as those using tunnel boring machines. With our technology, monitoring could be carried out in real time, at minute intervals and without the need to use any personnel.

Underground tunnel
Construction of tunnels in proximity to buildings

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