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Coaching 2.0 | Tiloom

Tiloom offers a service of coaching o agronomic accompaniment to those customers who not only want to be linked to our company for the technical support of the tools we distribute, but who require a help:

  • In the interpretation of the information collected,
  • The analysis of the data captured by our equipment in a fully customised way.
  • Or the definition of work strategies to take full advantage of the most disruptive technology,

On a professional agronomic basis and tailored to your needs.

We do not maintain, build or refurbish golf courses or football pitches. In our past we approached companies that did this to learn what the industry needs and today we are an independent company accredited to issue technical reports, with full legal and statutory backing in the provision of this independent service. We have a great deal of experience behind us (which was necessary to get first hand knowledge of the sector) which we only use to measure, diagnose and support the professionals who do the maintenance. We are not and will not be a substitute for the professional work required for the maintenance of each installation.

Tiloom complements its offer of tools and instrumentation with a professional agronomic monitoring service to its customers, so that:

  • Get the most out of the technological resources on the market with the help of specialised engineers.
  • Learn how to interpret the information you obtain from tools and analyses from an agronomic point of view.
  • Start on a path of optimisation in the use of resources and continuous improvement of your processes.

In our proposal for coaching 2.0Tiloom has integrated into its team important human and material resources to ensure that our services are rigorous and of high quality.

The training and experience of our technical office allows us to offer our clients support in the diagnosis of needs and agronomic coaching with an important technological base, focussed on meeting their needs with the best resources.

We put technology and tools in your hands at the best price on the market.

The origin and destination of our company is the technification in the management and maintenance of natural grass sports grounds. It has cost us a lot but from December 2018 we will be able to offer you the best local price for technology for this purpose. New international agreements and a worldwide logistic and distribution system will allow us to offer you the best local price of technology for that purpose. better toolsin your field, at the best price.

Our range of tools will become pluralistic and accessible to all.

If you find it cheaper, let us know and we'll do it better.

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