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Genetic Biomarkers describe different biological characteristics of soils, as results of microbial rRNA and marker genes secuence studies. Soil functions, their capacity to resist toxicity, pests, fertility and others will depend on their microbiome.

The richness of soil microbiome is pretty valuable, more than a fourth part of the total global species live in soils.

In our sport fields, greens and other sport surfaces, we find all kind of organisms like small animals, nematodes, insects, plants and a whole microbial flora which includes fungus, bacteria, protist and arquea.

Soil microbiome is the whole amount of microbial life, which will be richer as it is more hetereogenus. The right management will have a great influence on it, pesticides will reduce, it while integrated pest management and sustainable practices will favour it. The best nutrition will depend on having enough nutrients in the soil but also sufficient and diverse soil microorganisms able to cycle nutrients and to increase biovailability of nutrients for grass.

Streptomyces is a good example of how rich are our soils, the human pharmacy, more than 80% of our antibiotics come from it.

Sports surface microbial flora are so large and different than we could not identify them by knowing them all, but we can do it due to their different functions and use those as genetic biomarkers . As most of the time, the management success comes with the right balance, through an optimal nutrition, knowing all these organisms and their metabolisms will give us a key factor to make differences among soils, depending on the way they fix Carbon in the soil or release nutrients (mineralization), inmobilize (denitrification), etc..

Our goal will focus on increasing the Fungus – Bacterial ratios as a good biomarker for turf

Glomus iranicum improves biodiversity in sport surfaces

The soil quality will be given by the quantification of species, summary distribution of bacteria and fungus, diversity, functionality and resistance of microbial species metabolic functions present in the soil, and the vulnerability of the system based on estimation of the microbiome resistance. Inoculation of microbial flora is also a good management, adding probiotics and prebiotics in a good balance, meaning adding beneficial flora and keeping the best conditions for its growth and development. The development of products like OxyTurf, inoculations of fungus like Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum has great benefits on Sport Surfaces.

Ask at info@tiloom.com in order to learn more about our biodinamic protocols to achieve a eficient management for your sport surfaces

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