Reunión de trabajo en equipo para ser ejemplo de que Tiloom integra a sus clientes en sus proyectos para la toma de sus decisiones.


We offer to our customers complete, real-time, monitoring platforms for installations, assets & personnel remote feeds, and self-diagnostic tools for processes and environment intelligent control.

We are specialised in metering solutions for greenkeepers, offering a real-time platform to take care of the health of sport turfs by offering soil temperature, humidity, electroconductivity, water root needs (cbar) and O2 level measure beneath your field.

 We put forward to our customers productivity improvement solutions based on managing assets automatically and trimming operational costs.

 Tiloom is positioned as integrators of Wireless Sensor Network Systemsbut we also offer best portalble metering devices to complement the information you gather from turf, soil and ambient: the end customer is at our forefront.

Our Corporate Mission is offering our customers technological solutions that improve profitability and efficiency, saving them any need to master the underlying technology. We speak our customers’ language in order to understanding their needs, and we deploy what is needed to solve those needs as per our experience and the industry know-how.