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What does Tiloom offer you?

TILOOM offers you measuring tools using the following technology:

- Buried sensors that measure, under the soil, the temperature, humidity, root tension, electroconductivity and oxygen concentration of the substrate, in order to optimise irrigation and maintenance work, and to have a preventive system for problems in the plant.

- Portable sensors (POGO system), that will allow you to extract from your golf course all the information about soil moisture, temperature and conductivity, helping you to diagnose problems such as deficiencies in the design of the irrigation system, salinity peaks, early detection of fungus, planning of aeration works, etc.

- Weather stations with Internet access to provide real-time weather and evapotranspiration data from any connected device.


What benefits does our technology bring to a football pitch?

- A tool that takes precise and quantifiable measurements that improve your perception of the condition of your land.

- A resource to automate your daily audits, allowing you to saving costs and gaining information.

- A system of optimisation in the use of resourcesThe range of products is from short-term planning of fertiliser requirements to real-time moisture requirements for the plant.

- An aid in the early detection of problems and risks for their land.

POGO football

It has never been easier to install or use sensors for football pitches to measure how the environment, sporting activity and the response of the substrate to cultural tasks affect their routine of care of the soil.

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