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POGO is a professional monitoring all-in-one sensor which let you measure soil humidity, electroconductivity and soil temperature, ideal for turf maintenance. It would help you to map and follow levels of those parameters useful for keep turf, golf, soccer and sport surfaces to maintain a nice health.

POGO is a nice tool which allows you to take better decisions efficiently and cost effectively for presenting the fines conditions possible.

Apply irrigation and fertilization precisely through condition-based management.

Reduce chances for turf decline and waste using visual analysis and condition audits. Create GPS mapping, IPM logs, pin sheets, customized reports and much more!


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Our solution consist of three elements:

  • The portable POGO sensor, which simultaneously measures all of the most influential factors that govern turf performance with a patented sensor and science-based analysis.
  •  An easy to use mobile application for Android/iOS smartphones.
  • A complete cloud account to present data visually. Colors are assigned to different ranges (which you can define). Data is automatically interpreted between locations where measurements were taken, so you’ll see turf conditions for the entire green, from just a small number of quick samples. You can access cloud anywhere from any computer or mobile device.Pogo mobile app

Here you are some of the benefits using POGO:

  • Optimize turf health and conditioning, root growth and soil conditions, irrigation distribution and performance.
  • Minimize water and fertilizer consumption.
  • Know the effects of your nutritional and chemical applications.
  • Validate aerification practices (air/water improvements).
  • Understand reasons for turf decline.
  • Predict future stress.
  • Automate paperwork and manual notes (capture sprinklers and cup positions, record notes and attach photos, correlate results with lab analysis reports,…)


Watch this video and discover what POGO could do for you. Give your data in the web form below and we’ll contact with you immediately to give you more information.


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