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Railway Infrastructure | Tiloom

We offer to our railway sector customers a complete platform (Software and Hardware) for real-time monitoring and remote control of installations, buildings, assets or personnel, as well as auto diagnostic tools for monitoring the consumption of any resource that gives the client the opportunity to improve their productivity. The Wireless Sensor Networks provide an added value to the railway industry in different areas, as the ones below:

Safety and Occupational Risk Prevention.Vias de Tren en Detectando

  1. Check that no intrusions occur in the platform space.
  2. Preventing accidents during maintenance work on the platform, alerting workers in real-time about the approximation of trains.
  3. Detection of obstacles on the railway track.

Health Monitoring of Railway Structures (bridges, buildings, etc.).

The added value offered by Tiloom to its customers, for control and health monitoring of railway structures, include a range of wireless sensors, which do not need to run power or cabling to communicate and send the information on real time to a software platform. On the platform are recorded and analyzed certain parameters, sending alerts when they occur. These data are accessed from anywhere and at any time, from a mobile, tablet or PC. Alerts are received by the mobile at the same time in which they happen.

Tiloom’s Technology

  • Sensor for controlling the occurrence of cracks in structures hotspots.Silueta Nodo_Mide Grieta
  • Sensor to monitor crack propagation.
  • Linear displacement Sensor to measure crack growth.
  • Monitoring landslides.

Monitoring, Control and Supply Management (Water, electricity and HVAC)

  1. Monitoring, control and real-time management of water and electricity consumption in the Railway Stations. Basis for saving policies and good practice.
  2. Monitoring and real-time management of air conditioning in Train Stations.

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