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Why do we measure NDVI in turf?

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Índice de contenidos: Why do we measure NDVI in turf?

Before we ask ourselves why we measure NDVI in turf, it is necessary to know what NDVI is. From Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, whose acronym is NDVI.

Its physical basis is related to the exceptional characteristic of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a pigment that has the ability to absorb red light (660-680nm) and reflect far red light (720-740nm). It is important to know that NDVI can detect stress on a natural grass surface earlier than visual monitoring.

The amount of chlorophyll in the plant determines the NDVI.

The NDVI relates the reflectance of red light and far-red light using the following equation:

NDVI= (Far Red – Red)/(Far Red+Red)

By measuring the difference between the wavelengths emitted by the plant when receiving light we can calculate the NDVI. As it is the chlorophyll that causes the difference and the more chlorophyll in the plant tissues the better the overall health of the plant we can use this parameter as a general control measure of plant health.

NDVI can help to detect stress on a natural grass surface earlier than visual monitoring.

FIFA has recently determined in its latest handbook the measurement of NDVI with a very specific instrument:

  • Internal and constant light source (660nm and 840nm or 850nm)
  • Eliminate the influence of ambient light
  • Digital readout

The TCM 500 meter meets FIFA’s needs for on-site readings.

There are satellites available on the market that are ready to take such readings and determine the evolution of the planet’s vegetation mass. Some are now so accurate that they can be used on football and golf courses to determine the general health of the surface. For a small annual fee we can have updated images of our course every week.

It is very interesting to keep control of this variable with the available technology in order to be ahead of problems caused by biotic or abiotic factors.

If you want to know more about NDVI, TCM 500 or satellite field monitoring, please contact Tiloom at info@tiloom.com or via our website and we will help you without obligation.

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