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Technologies to measure NDVI in the field?

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Technologies to measure NDVI are already available for any grass field. Active monitoring with handheld instruments or passive monitoring with satellite services are possible.

Active methods of monitoring NDVI in the field are carried out with light-harvesting equipment. These instruments perform calculations by relating ambient light to the light reflected by the plant tissue.

Only chlorophyll has the ability to absorb and reflect wavelengths suitable for NDVI calculation.

Calculation of NDVI

For measurements over large areas in situ, light absorption guns (CM 1000) allow fast and very precise measurements using sunlight as the main source. With these tools we can accurately assess the effects of cultural practices and applications on plant health.

Now it is possible to monitor foliar iron application, mineral nutrition, application of biotechnological products, or cultural work on a day-to-day basis.

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On the other hand, we have tools prepared for the standards of different entities such as FIFA.

Some entities such as FIFA demand measurements under specific conditions to be standardised.

FIFA needs to standardise its measurements. For this purpose, self-emitting measuring devices have been developed. The fundamental technological difference to the absorption gun is that the self-emission technology emits its own light into the plant tissue and the external light does not affect the measurement.

Devices such as the TCM 500 are perfect to comply with FIFA standards. This sensor blocks external sunlight and emits its own standard light radiation to make the calculation as accurate as possible. Their measuring area is smaller, but they are more accurate.

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Monitoring NDVI is key to efficient management, ensuring that your work improves the turf.

Finally, satellite measurement is a fantastic method to monitor the NDVI of large areas of land. It allows weekly measurements of the evolution of the field and the general condition of the areas at a glance. If areas are found to be deteriorated, they can be quickly corrected to prevent further deterioration.

NDVI anticipates problems. When there is stress the plant is still green to the human eye, but the chlorophyll loses its reflectivity so the NDVI decreases. This is why it is interesting to keep control of this parameter, the aim should always be prevention rather than cure.

Satellite image for general measurements.

If you would like to know more about tools to measure NDVI in your field and ensure that your work is effective, please contact us at info@tiloom.com or on our website.

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