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Planimetry and flatness – how to measure it?

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Índice de contenidos: Planimetry and flatness – how to measure it?

Planimetry is the determination of the layout of a built surface. For example, a football pitch may have an apparently perfectly horizontal layout, but in reality it hides gabled or hipped slopes of less than 1%.

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During the construction of a field, the objective planimetry is ensured when the surface is shaped with a tractor controlled by a laser self-levelling machine. However, the movement of people, the spiking, scarifying, scarifying, and top dressing or the removal of material with various milling machines or rotoveitors tractors can change these slopes.

The use of the sports field deteriorates its moulding over time.

These distorted slopes mainly cause problems in surface drainage to the ends of the field which will cause waterlogging if infiltration is not good and difficulties in moving the ball.

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The general planimetry of the field can be checked out with the use of a simple optical level. With this type of tool it can be clearly assessed whether the slopes of the field are correctly maintained.

It is advisable to check the planimetry with an optical level, at least once a year.

The optical level uses basic trigonometry to determine distances and angles so that segments and differences of dimensions can be calculated, essential ingredients in the calculation of dimensions.

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Avoid puddles with our techniques.

On the other hand, the general slopes of the pitch do not necessarily have to be seriously distorted, but small troughs and hills on the pitch are very common. These sunken or raised areas hinder the players’ running, change the direction of the ball and cause waterlogging which can lead to serious black layer problems.

Standard straight edge bars have been developed to measure surface evenness. This device is used to identify high and low areas of the field. Our equipment is collapsible and its joints are made of synthetic fibres with strong locking mechanisms to prevent play.

Monitoring flatness is key to a quality surface.

In addition to the included millimetre wedge, the deviation from straightness can be measured and subsequently corrected with a small grinding or rollers. The measurements are in accordance with FIFA regulations, in which reference is made to the European standard NEN 13036.

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In order to improve the quality of our pitches, we must pay attention to these details, so that we can achieve long-lasting, professional pitches that are easier to maintain.

During visits to the fields, the unevenness of the terrain is often visible to the naked eye.

If you want to know more about the professional measuring tools distributed by Tiloom or about our measurements, please contact us at info@tiloom.com or on our website.

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