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Tiloom works with its client to design and implement a Sensor Network that monitors, sends and processes data in order to improve the client´s business efficiency and minimize operating costs.

The Sensor Network provides the client with a a tailor-made online platform; through this platform all data obtained from the monitored environment is delivered to the client´s laptop, tablet or smartphone. The client has access to real-time updates by using the most convenient mobile device at his/her disposal.


Our philosophy entails more than just introducing and applying the technology: we have meetings with our clients in order to understand their particular needs and goals, working with them to find the perfect solution and adapting the technology to the client´s specific demands.

Our work makes easy for you to concentrate all your efforts on developing and adding value to your products and services. By allowing our technology to analyse the issues that can affect your business and by using that information to establish optimizing strategies, you put your trust in the the most innovative and advanced technology, a decision that would set you apart from your competition.

 Now TILOOM is offering solutions to greenkeepers in Golf Industry (access here).



Besides the technology framework launching and maintenance services, we also offer a data analysis service: we evaluate the information that your business generates and we assess the results so you can receive periodic reports regarding processes, operations, costs and resources use efficiency. Make the most of the thorough Big Data analysis and you will realize how it provides sensible tools to make strategic decisions.


Our technology and experience, combined with our significant business alliances with Research  Teams and well-regarded manufacturers in the field, make available to us a powerful, reliable and competitive technology to address our projects.



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