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We provide a remote weather control, we monitor in real-time the soil moisture levels, the evolution of crops, measuring in daily basis the thickness of the stems or fruit size, checking the concentration of pollutants in plantation environment, in order to prevent attacks of pesticides or detect harmful effects of fungi and biological agents that may affect product quality.Into The Fields

Precision Viticulture

Precision Viticulture automates the management of all those factors, climate, grape growing, movement of raw materials and products, safety and quality, to achieve the greater efficiency in the production process, to reduce costs and increase the quality of grapes and wine.

Precision agriculture emphasizes “doing the right thing, in the right place, at the right time”, and is practical for viticulture because of high local variability of conditions within vineyards, and because of responsiveness to intensive management in terms of increased grape yield and quality. The grape and yield quality influences the final quality of the wine.

Precision viticulture depends on new and emerging technologies and “the application of them can improve the monitoring and control of soil, climate and grape variables”. (VITUR. Department of Agriculture and Food. Universidad de La Rioja).

Services Offered by Tiloom

* Monitoring environmental conditions and field crops through a computer, tablet or smartphone. You may have information on atmospheric pressure, rainfall, incidence of sunlight, plant size, diameter trunks and stems, bunch size, condition of soil moisture and leaves and all the possibilities described below.

* Statistical inference of the quality of the grapes from sample studies with continuous monitoring (the study of specific areas to extrapolate results to the entire land area).

 * Viticultura 2 Possibility to find correlations between atmospheric conditions, light or soil characteristics (minute by minute, day to day or season to season) and the quality of the grapes harvested in the vintages of controlled areas.

 * Once you discovered correlations between the data collected and the characteristics of crops, you may anticipate crop yields and quality of the harvest, which you can develop strategies to improve the efficiency of each vineyards, area by area.Viticultura 3

* A significant reduction in manpower to manage the follow-up of vineyards and more information for a company that keeps the cycle of production far from the decision center.

* A major commitment to innovation that impacts directly as quality mark of grapes harvested, making available the results of reports, obtained from the platform, to any interested party in the agricultural business cycle (retailers, suppliers, consumers, etc.).

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