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Hardiness & firmness

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Measuring hardiness and firmness on your sport surfaces, will let you know to forsee their biomechanic and playability properties, and depending if we are managing golf greens, football pitches, rugby or cricket wickets, we will talk about firmness and hardiness.

USGA uses the TruFirm, a tool well known device by our greenkeepers, it is a hammer with hemispheric shape at the end, which simulates the golf ball impact on the green surface. It drops from the same height, and the depth of the impact is measured. The deeper is the impact, the softer it results.

Taylor made Tiloom Kits Pro Greens
USGA Trufirm

There are also other tools like portable devices used by the PGA Tour, which drops a stainless steel ball within a specific weight. Its drop from a certain height will produce similar deformation on the green surface, which will also relate to the green firmness.

Another device, called Clegg hammer mesures the deceleration from a free drop over the surface. This impact produces an electric pulse which is converted to gravities units. Depending on the weight, it can be used for golf (0,5 kg) or football (2,25 kg), being their optimal ranges 70-85 G for soccer (FIFA), 80-100 G for Parkland greens and 100-130 G on golf Links greens (STRI).

Clegg used on Cricket Wickets

New and versatile tools like our new Field Tester, allow you to know the hardiness values but also biomechanic information at the same time, like shock absortion, energy restitution or vertical deformation.

It is also interesting to take into account the high correlation among the VWC % and the firmness values, so it is recomended to check these values under the same VWC % content.

Heat maps for hardiness values interpretation_Pogo Turf Pro app

Other interesting testing:

It is really interesting to know how this hardiness is spread over the whole surface, and also along the soil profile, so we know exactly how far our aeration works need to go down for your greens or football pitches. We recomend the use of a penetrometer which detects the different compaction layers each 2,5 cms.

Tiloom offers you the best tools to manage all your sport surfaces, being golf, football, rugby, Cricket, etc…

Different compaction layers from different football pitches and depths

Do you want to know more about the best tools, please send your enquires to info@tiloom.com

Just let us know your needs and we will design your own Tiloom kits Pro specifically for your facilities as each pitch or green needs to be treated as unique

Taylor made Tiloom Kit Pro Pitch
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