Tiloom offers a new monitoring system to golf greenkeepers

Tiloom offers a complete solution to take care of the health of your turf by providing you a real-time monitoring system, provindg you soil temperature, humidity, electroconductivity, water root needs (cbar) and O2 level measures beneath your greens.


Dispositivo enterrado para campos de golf.

Turf sensor


By installing our technology you can measure all these inputs, and they send the information collected directly to the cloud (Internet), just by installing a GPRS SIM card into the devices.

Aspecto de la instalación de los sensores en campo de golf.

Sensor installation in a golf green

You can use the information to read and control critical measurements with a customizable time frequency, and all the information is depicted into a Web Site, where you can program specific thresholds, set alarms, configure critical values to send you e-mails if a particular situations need your attention.
Items are easy to install, and you can move where you need without complex infrastructure because they send the information without telecommunication repeaters.

Environmesh Infrastructure

Environmesh Infrastructure

You will have a powerful platform to display results in maps, graphs and all information gathered graphically, not only from soil conditions but also from environment (local weather stations and National DataBases), irrigation software, laboratory sampling, and so on…

Sensor field graphs

Sensor field graphs

This powerful tool is a reliable resource of metering, because of our well known sensor manufacturers (Spectrum, Irrometer, Apogee), and has now acquired by prestigious golf courses in Spain.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have a system which helps you to make best maintenance and irrigation strategies, reducing time and expenses.



Sensors in your golf course map



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