Tiloom: Tailor Made Systems Integrators

Tiloom is a company specialised in systems integration that offers turnkey projects. We work with clients in designing wireless sensor networks that measure, transmit and process the information captured to increase process efficiency and reduce the operating costs of your business.

 Tiloom offers solutions in sectors such as construction, logistics, environment, transport and health, among others. For example, and only as an example, our energy efficiency solutions can achieve savings of up to 80%. Technologically and thanks to our partnerships with leading research groups and manufacturers, we have a robust, secure and competitive technology to address our projects.

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 Our Sensor Networks also boast an on-line platform that can be custom built. The sensors work by generating data for real-time viewing and analysis from any platform that you use: PC, tablet or smartphone. Together with the installation and maintenance of the technological infrastructure, we also provide data analysis, “bringing intelligence to decision-making“, so that the customer can develop the best strategies for improving the efficiency of their processes, operations, costs and resource usage.

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